Minnesota Wild at Buffalo Sabres

Mar 09, 2007

Wild win 5-1


Time Away Home
3pd 04:20 Stephane Veilleux (MIN) Patrick Kaleta (BUF)
Comments: A scrum develops along the boards near the benches and out of it come Veilleux and Kaleta. They grab ahold of each other and drop the gloves. Kaleta gets in an early left and then rips Veilleux's helmet off. Veilleux pins Kaleta up against the boards and throws three straight rights while Kaleta tries to move away and block the shots. They wrestle around until Kaleta throws a left to the back of Veilleux's head, allowing Veilleux to throw another right. Kaleta comes back with two overhand rights at a bent over Veilleux. Kaleta then gets in an uppercut just as they lose their balance and fall to the ice with the linesmen right there to grab them and end the fight.
Voted winner: Stephane Veilleux (49.5%) - Voted rating: 5.1
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