Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues

Mar 08, 2007

Blues win 5-3


Time Away Home
2pd 14:13 Eric Lindros (DAL) Barret Jackman (STL)
Comments: Lindros and Jackman bump in the corner while trying to play the puck around the boards. They continue to push and shove behind the Blues' net until Lindros skates away. Jackman skates after him and gives Lindros a shot from behind, causing Lindros to turn around and cross-check Jackman. They get the sticks up and then drop the gloves with Jackman throwing a right that Lindros is able to duck while they grab onto each other. Jackman then throws two short lefts before Lindros is able to tie him up. They wrestle around for a long while, each attempting locked-out rights and struggling to get an arm free. Lindros throws a right that comes up short and then gets Jackman bent over, holding him in that position until the linesmen decide to intervene and break things up. Other Penalties: Lindros received a high sticking.
Voted winner: Draw (72.9%) - Voted rating: 1.9
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