Dallas Stars at Anaheim Ducks

Jan 28, 2007

Ducks win 4-1


Time Away Home
1pd 04:47 Krys Barch (DAL) Shane O'Brien (ANA)
Comments: Barch slashes O'Brien's stick, knocking it out of his hands and O'Brien skates over to Barch right after the whistle blows to halt play. They drop the gloves and immediately grab ahold of one another. They each throw an overhand right while spinning around. O'Brien lands a short right inside, knocking O'Brien partially off-balance and preventing him from connecting with a right. O'Brien throws two more rights and Barch adds one of his own just before they lose their balance and fall to the ice. Other Penalties: Barch received a slashing.
Voted winner: Shane O'Brien (38.2%) - Voted rating: 5.0
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Time Away Home
1pd 20:00 Krys Barch (DAL) Chris Pronger (ANA)
Comments: Corey Perry and Steve Ott start a scrum just as the horn sounds to end the first period. Away from the pile, Barch and Pronger are tied up and Barch continually tries to get Pronger to drop the gloves while a linesmen tries to separate them. Finally Pronger decides to accept the challenge and drops his gloves, quickly throwing three rights while Barch ducks away from the shots. Pronger then wrestles Barch to the ice and the linesman jumps on top of the two, getting them sent on their separate ways rather easily. Other Penalties: Barch received a game misconduct; Steve Ott a double roughing; Corey Perry a roughing.
Voted winner: Chris Pronger (87.9%) - Voted rating: 4.0
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Time Away Home
3pd 19:19 Steve Ott (DAL) Joe DiPenta (ANA)
Comments: Ott hits Andy McDonald along the benches and DiPenta challenges Ott in defense of his teammate. They drop the gloves and square off inside of the blueline. They grab ahold of each other and DiPenta immediately throws three rights, knocking Ott's helmet off and sending him falling to his knees. Ott quickly gets back to his feet, but the linesmen are right there to end the fight.
Voted winner: Joe DiPenta (95.6%) - Voted rating: 3.6
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