Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens

Jan 16, 2007

Nucks win 4-0


Time Away Home
3pd 14:28 Jeff Cowan (VAN) Aaron Downey (MON)
Comments: Downey skates over to Alexandre Burrows and gives him a cross-check in an attempt to get him to drop the gloves. Cowan rushes over and gives Downey a shot in response. The two then quickly drop the gloves with Cowan lunging forward to grab Downey. Cowan gets in a short left to start things off and Downey returns fire with two rights. They then exchange lefts just before they lose their balance and fall to the ice. The linesmen come in and they get back to their feet. Downey then throws a couple of rights in between the linesmen to the back of Cowan, but he is quickly restrained and the fight is ended. Other Penalties: Cowan received an instigator and misconduct; Downey an unsportsmanlike conduct.
Voted winner: Draw (57.9%) - Voted rating: 3.7
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