St. Louis Blues at Anaheim Ducks

Jan 16, 2007

Blues win 6-2


Time Away Home
1pd 05:05 D.J. King (STL) Shawn Thornton (ANA)
Comments: Right off of the faceoff the two drop the gloves and square off near the blueline. They grab ahold of one another and King starts things off with a flurry of four rights to the body and helmet of Thornton. They then go toe-to-toe with punches for a short moment: Thornton with lefts; King going with the right. Thornton stops throwing and King continues to pump away with the right hand, landing four unanswered shots. Thornton returns fire with a short right and King throws one of his own as well. King throws another overhand right, but Thornton loses his balance and falls to the ice. King lets Thornton get back up to his feet, but the linesmen are right there to intervene.
Voted winner: D.J. King (90.1%) - Voted rating: 6.7
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Time Away Home
2pd 07:00 Matt Walker (STL) George Parros (ANA)
Comments: Parros runs Walker over while they are skating along the boards. Dallas Drake tries to move around a kneeling Walker to get to Parros, but it's Walker who gets back to his feet and drops his gloves. Parros does the same and the two square off at center ice. They grab ahold of each other and exchange rights. Walker throws two wild rights while fighting to keep his balance, allowing Parros to connect with a right to the back of his head. Walker fires back with an overhand right and Parros throws one of his own just before Walker falls to the ice. Walker works his way back up to his feet, but the linesmen are right there to end the fight.
Voted winner: George Parros (58.5%) - Voted rating: 3.9
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