San Jose Sharks at Phoenix Coyotes

Jan 13, 2007

Sharks win 4-1


Time Away Home
1pd 06:07 Patrick Marleau (SAN) Keith Ballard (PHO)
Comments: Behind the play the two drop the gloves and quickly grab ahold of each other. Marleau throws three short rights while Ballard tries to get an arm free. Marleau throws three more rights and tries to take Ballard's helmet off just before he throws another right that hits helmet. Marleau finally does take Ballard's helmet off, but Ballard fires back with a right. Marleau responds with a right that Ballard ducks under. Marleau then wrestles Ballard down to the ice and gets in a short right while they're falling. The linesmen are right there to end the fight shortly after.
Voted winner: Patrick Marleau (93.2%) - Voted rating: 5.1
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