Columbus Blue Jackets at Nashville Predators

Nov 18, 2006

Preds win 4-2


Time Away Home
1pd 01:32 Steve Goertzen (CBJ) Jordin Tootoo (NAS)
Comments: Goertzen gives Tootoo a shove along the boards. Tootoo immediately ditches the stick and gloves and Goertzen follows suit. They get in tight, grapple and both try and sneak in a couple of short shots. They position themselves a little better and Goertzen lands a few decent rights. Tootoo counters with a couple of lefts. Tootoo switches to the right and lands a good shot as Goertzen attempts another right, but is put off-balance. Tootoo wrestles Goertzen to his knees and lands a few more rights as the linesmen come in.
Voted winner: Jordin Tootoo (69.1%) - Voted rating: 6.8
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