Florida Panthers at New Jersey Devils

Nov 11, 2006

Devils win 4-2


Time Away Home
2pd 04:54 Steve Montador (FLA) Cam Janssen (NJD)
Comments: Janssen nails Juraj Kolnik with a hit along the boards and Montador goes right after him. They drop the gloves and grab ahold of each other with Janssen throwing three rights, connecting with two of them to begin the fight. Montador responds with a quick right, but Janssen is right there to answer with two of his own. Janssen throws another right just before shaking his elbow pad off, but Montador falls to the ice before any more damage can be done. The linesmen move in and the two are then separated. Other Penalties: Montador received an instigator and misconduct; Janssen a charging.
Voted winner: Cam Janssen (87.3%) - Voted rating: 4.9
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Time Away Home
2pd 12:55 Gregory Campbell (FLA) Mike Rupp (NJD)
Comments: Behind the play they drop the gloves and square off just past the blueline. They grab ahold of each other and Rupp unleashes a flurry of eight straight rights at a bent over Campbell. Campbell eventually falls to the ice and attempts to get at Rupp, but the linesmen are right there to break things up and end the fight.
Voted winner: Mike Rupp (97.7%) - Voted rating: 5.8
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