Florida Panthers at New Jersey Devils

Oct 26, 2006

Devils win 2-0


Time Away Home
3pd 05:16 Steve Montador (FLA) Cam Janssen (NJD)
Comments: Behind the play the two drop the gloves and square off just inside of the blue line. Montador grabs ahold of Janssen and throws two lefts while Janssen throws two rights. Montador shakes off his elbow pad and throws a right cross just as Janssen lands a right that stuns him. Janssen then starts firing away with the right hand at a bent over Montador. Montador fights to keep his balance and move away from the punches, but he eventually falls to his knees while Janssen is still throwing. The linesmen quickly come in and grab the two right after.
Voted winner: Cam Janssen (97.3%) - Voted rating: 6.4
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