Columbus Blue Jackets at Minnesota Wild

Oct 14, 2006

Wild win 5-0


Time Away Home
1pd 17:32 Jody Shelley (CBJ) Derek Boogaard (MIN)
Comments: The two come to face to face at the blueline and drop the gloves in front of the Columbus net. Shelley grabs ahold of Boogaard and throws two rights to start things off. Boogaard responds with a right of his own and they go back and forth with long rights. They then exchange some jersey-jabs before Boogaard connects with a hard body shot. They exchange some more rights before they tie each other up and grapple for position. Boogaard gets his right hand free and starts firing away with long rights while Shelley tries to duck away from the punches and throw some lefts of his own. Boogaard gets Shelley turned around and lands four hard body shots just before Shelley throws a right. Boogaard then lands a right cross that stuns Shelley and the two hold on until the linesmen come in.
Voted winner: Derek Boogaard (84.2%) - Voted rating: 7.6
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Time Away Home
2pd 01:48 Alexander Svitov (CBJ) Stephane Veilleux (MIN)
Comments: Behind the play they drop the gloves and grab ahold of each other near the side boards. Svitov attempts a locked-out right just before Veilleux throws two long rights that miss the target. Svitov throws about nine straight rights towards the back and side of Veilleux's head, but Veilleux is able to manuever his way around most of the shots. The two exchange rights and then wrestle around for the remainder of the fight until the linesmen decide to intervene.
Voted winner: Alexander Svitov (80.4%) - Voted rating: 4.7
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