Dallas Stars at Los Angeles Kings

Mar 16, 2006

Stars win 4-1


Time Away Home
1pd 07:16 Nathan Perrott (DAL) George Parros (LOS)
Comments: Right off of the faceoff the two jab at each other before dropping the gloves. They wrestle around, trying to get loose. Perrott gets free and throws a short left. Parros is then able to get his right arm free and throws nine rights to the back of Perrott's helmet while the two spin around and Perrott fights to keep his balance. After the flurry, Parros connects with an uppercut just before Perrott throws two wild rights and then falls to the ice. Parros stands over Perrott with his right arm cocked until the linesmen come in.
Voted winner: George Parros (89.4%) - Voted rating: 5.8
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