Ottawa Senators at Buffalo Sabres

Feb 04, 2006

Sabres win 2-1 in SO


Time Away Home
1pd 05:59 Brian McGrattan (OTT) Andrew Peters (BUF)
Comments: The puck is cleared from Buffalo's defensive end and these two drop the gloves and square off. They come together, each grabbing the other's jersey with the left. McGrattan starts off with about 4-5 jersey-jabs, a couple of them landing. The two then exchange a couple of rights. McGrattan mixes in a left hand while Peters sticks with the right. They start exchanging rights, each throwing in a left jersey-jab or two for good measure and both are landing some shots. Peters then lands a big right. He throws another that comes up short and McGrattan tosses his own right that doesn't make it while Peters misses with another right. McGrattan is still holding onto Peters with his left, but is now hunched over and he covers his face with his right hand. Peters stops throwing and signals for the linesmen to come in.
Voted winner: Andrew Peters (95.2%) - Voted rating: 7.5
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