New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers

Feb 04, 2006

Blueshirts win 4-3 in OT


Time Away Home
2pd 09:22 Colton Orr (NYR) Donald Brashear (PHI)
Comments: Orr knocks Michal Handzus to the ice with a hit along the boards. Brashear is next to the impact and skates right after Orr. Brashear shoves Orr before they drop the gloves and tie up. They both attempt a couple of overhand rights as Brashear misses with a long right. They wrestle around in tight as Orr lands some rabbit punches. Brashear lands a left to the side of Orr's helmet before they wrestle up against the boards. They exchange punches before Brashear throws a flurry of six left hands, with about four landing. Orr ducks away from the punches, sticking his head over the bench while Brashear has his left hand cocked. The linesmen then come in and end the fight. Other Penalties: Brashear received a roughing.
Voted winner: Donald Brashear (85.6%) - Voted rating: 4.8
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Time Away Home
2pd 17:56 Jason Strudwick (NYR) Turner Stevenson (PHI)
Comments: Minutes earlier Stevenson missed a hit on Petr Prucha, but still clipped his knee, forcing him to leave the game. It doesn't take Strudwick very long to find Stevenson and drop the gloves. They grapple quickly and Strudwick tries a couple of quick rights that come up short. Stevenson attempts an overhand right that doesn't connect. Strudwick throw his own right that misses. Stevenson goes back to the overhand right that Strudwick avoids. The momentum of Stevenson's miss sends him to the ice with Strudwick on top.
Voted winner: Draw (54.3%) - Voted rating: 3.3
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