New York Rangers at New York Islanders

Feb 02, 2006

Blueshirts win 5-2


Time Away Home
1pd 07:38 Colton Orr (NYR) Eric Godard (NYI)
Comments: The two come out of the penalty box and drop the gloves as they square off at center ice. Orr grabs on and throws two rights as Godard connects with a right of his own. Godard misses with a right before the two begin to go back and forth with hard rights, each landing a few. Orr throws two rights to the back of Godard's helmet as Godard connects with a straight right. Godard shakes off his elbow pad and the two start to exchange right hands again, each landing two. Orr misses with a right that Godard ducks under as the two wrestle around for a bit. Orr throws two rights and a jersey-jab before missing with a right. They exchange right hands once again before Godard lands a jersey-jab and Orr falls back, bringing Godard with him, ending the fight. Godard skates off with a bloody nose.
Voted winner: Colton Orr (48.7%) - Voted rating: 7.6
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