Minnesota Wild at Columbus Blue Jackets

Jan 27, 2006

Jackets win 4-3


Time Away Home
2pd 05:59 Derek Boogaard (MIN) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: Shortly after the faceoff these two drop the gloves and grab onto one another. Shelley starts off with an awkward right. Boogaard returns fire with a right of his own just a second later. Boogaard sticks with the right throwing about four more with Shelley sneaking in one too. They grapple for a moment and Boogaard throws about five rights to the body. Shelley breaks the momentum with a missed uppercut. Another moment of grappling before Boogaard lands a straight right. He then attempts a couple of more shots, but they seem to come up short, as does Shelley's counterpunch. They're grappling and trying to mix in shots that don't seem to land. Boogaard attempts to bounce Shelley off of the boards and throw an immediate right, but Shelley ducks under it. Shelley then misses with a monster over the top left and falls to the ice. Boogaard gets another couple of rights in before the linesmen come in to break it up.
Voted winner: Derek Boogaard (77.8%) - Voted rating: 6.7
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