Anaheim Ducks at Los Angeles Kings

Jan 23, 2006

Kings win 3-2 in SO


Time Away Home
1pd 11:22 Todd Fedoruk (ANA) George Parros (LOS)
Comments: They drop the gloves near the benches as Fedoruk misses with a quick left before grabbing on. Parros loses his balance and falls, but quickly gets back to feet. They wrestle around in tight as Fedoruk throws a right. They continue to grapple and Parros has Fedoruk's left hand tied up. Fedoruk lands a right as Parros rips Fedoruk's helmet off before landing a right of his own. They exchange right hands and then Fedoruk switches hands and throws three quick lefts as Parros returns fire with a right. Fedoruk throws a right with Parros throwing four rights and a left as Parros struggles to get free. They exchange right hands as Parros lands a left while Fedoruk shakes off his elbow pad. Parros lands a wide right and throws two lefts before they tie up. Fedoruk throws a left and then they grapple in tight until the two exchange hard lefts and go down to their knees as the linesmen come in.
Voted winner: Draw (47.4%) - Voted rating: 7.0
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