Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks

Dec 26, 2005

Flames win 2-1


Time Away Home
1pd 09:02 Byron Ritchie (CAL) Kevin Bieksa (VAN)
Comments: The two come together behind the play and drop the gloves at the blueline. They immediately start exchanging right hands, Bieska getting the better of the early exchange. Bieska throws another right as Ritchie misses with a wide one of his own, allowing Bieska to counter with another right. They go toe-to-toe for a short moment: Bieska with rights; Ritchie with lefts. Bieska throws another right before they grapple, both struggling to get a hand free. Bieska throws an elbow as Ritchie comes back with a right. Bieska throws another elbow before both miss with punches. Bieska then slams Ritchie to the ice as Ritchie's jersey comes up over his head.
Voted winner: Kevin Bieksa (90.3%) - Voted rating: 7.4
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