New York Rangers at Washington Capitals

Dec 03, 2005

Caps win 5-1


Time Away Home
1pd 04:26 Jason Strudwick (NYR) Chris Clark (WAS)
Comments: Way behind the play, these two get tangled up and Clark gives Strudwick a shot that jars his helmet loose. As Strudwick comes after him, Clark catches him again with a high elbow or stick. Strudwick asks him to fight and they go, with Strudwick immediately getting the advantage. He lands a dozen rights to the back of Clark's head, although Clark's helmet was still on. Clark eventually rights himself, gets Strudwick's helmet mostly off and is able to hold him off while landing an odd punch or two in close. After another shot from Clark the two tied up and the linesmen separate them. Other Penalties: Clark received a roughing; Strudwick a holding.
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