Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins

Nov 10, 2005

Sens win 5-2


Time Away Home
1pd 05:00 Brian McGrattan (OTT) Colton Orr (BOS)
Comments: They drop the gloves and square off, each sizing up the other. They grab on as Orr throws three rights while McGrattan comes back with two of his own. They start exchanging long right hands, all of them missing the target. Orr throws two short rights while McGrattan returns fire with a couple of jersey-jabs. Both players then throw rights and connect. Orr switches hands and then starts throwing rights. McGrattan comes back with two of his own as Orr lands about 3-4 to the back of McGrattan's helmet. They start exchanging rights again with McGrattan mixing in some jersey-jabs as well. They wrestle for a little as Orr bends down and allows McGrattan to land a couple of short rights. They get tied up and the linesmen come in and break things up.
Voted winner: Colton Orr (53.0%) - Voted rating: 8.1
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Time Away Home
2pd 18:57 Chris Neil (OTT) Hal Gill (BOS)
Comments: The camera comes in late as the two dropped them at center ice. Gill throws two long rights as Neil comes back with a right of his own, switches hands, and lands a short left. Neil tries to shake off his elbow pad and they tie up. The two exchange two right hands each. Gill rips Neil's helmet off as they exchange rights. They wrestle around until Neil gets loose and has his right cocked. He waits for the opportunity to get a good shot in, but the linesmen come in before he can do so.
Voted winner: Chris Neil (61.4%) - Voted rating: 4.0
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