Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames

Nov 05, 2005

Flames win 1-0


Time Away Home
1pd 06:52 Jarkko Ruutu (VAN) Byron Ritchie (CAL)
Comments: They drop the gloves at the blueline and square off. They tie up and Ruutu gets in two quick lefts. Ruutu switches hands and lands a right as Ritchie responds with a right of his own. Ruutu switches back and lands a left before ripping Ritchie's helmet off. They wrestle around a bit until Ruutu gets loose and is able to get Ritchie's jersey over his head as he lands 5-6 rights before the linesmen come in.
Voted winner: Jarkko Ruutu (98.0%) - Voted rating: 6.0
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Time Away Home
1pd 10:28 Wade Brookbank (VAN) Darren McCarty (CAL)
Comments: They start shoving and drop the gloves right after a goal. The camera is late coming in and shows both fighters up against the boards. They tie up and Brookbank throws a left as McCarty responds with a left of his own. McCarty then throws two uppercuts as Brookbank lands a weak right. Brookbank throws two weak rights as he struggles to get his elbow pad off. Brookbank pins McCarty up against the boards as McCarty throws two rights. They each struggle to get loose, allowing the linesman to come in and end the fight.
Voted winner: Draw (48.4%) - Voted rating: 4.0
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Time Away Home
1pd 15:16 Trevor Linden (VAN) Marcus Nilson (CAL)
Comments: Linden throws a couple of big hits causing Nilson to drop the gloves with him. Almost as soon as the gloves are off they lose their balance and fall to the ice. Nilson throws 3-4 rights while they are down as the linesman rush in.
Voted winner: Marcus Nilson (63.0%) - Voted rating: 2.5
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Time Away Home
2pd 11:22 Lee Goren (VAN) Jason Wiemer (CAL)
Comments: They drop the gloves in the corner and square off. Wiemer lands several rights as Goren is bent down trying to avoid punches. Goren stands up and throws a nice left that just misses. Wiemer throws a left and then switches to the right as the two exchange right hands for a short period of time. The last exchange tires both fighters out and the linesman come in. Other Penalties: Wiemer received an instigator and misconduct.
Voted winner: Jason Wiemer (85.3%) - Voted rating: 6.1
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