Ottawa Senators at Carolina Hurricanes

Oct 24, 2005

Canes win 3-2


Time Away Home
1pd 05:07 Brian McGrattan (OTT) Jesse Boulerice (CAR)
Comments: Right after an Ottawa goal, McGrattan and Boulerice line up together and drop the gloves as the puck drops on the ensuing face-off. They size each other up and grab on. McGrattan lands a quick right jab and follows it up with a couple of overhand rights that land on Boulerice's helmet. Boulerice throws a body shot so McGrattan comes over the top with three more rights, none really landing. Boulerice responds with a right that misses, while McGrattan comes back with another right that Boulerice blocks with his left arm, quickly missing with another right. McGrattan lands a quick right and as they spin around Boulerice lands two straight rights, the last one leaving him open for McGrattan to land another nice right. McGrattan throws two to the back of Boulerice's helmet as they skate towards the boards. McGrattan grabs the boards to slow down their movement and launches a right from way out that catches Boulerice just under his helmet. They get in close, miss with two rights each, when McGrattan lands a right and an uppercut, then misses over the top. McGrattan misses with two more uppercuts and they get in close with the linesmen getting in between them.
Voted winner: Brian McGrattan (74.4%) - Voted rating: 7.2
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