You put in a bad game id, so here's an Isles-Rangers game.

New York Rangers at New York Islanders

Dec 04, 2003

Blueshirts win 4-2


Time Away Home
1pd 12:08 Richard Scott (NYR) Eric Cairns (NYI)
Comments: They are skating into the Rangers zone and Scott drops them first. Cairns wants a squareoff, but Scott just charges after Cairns. They start throwing good hard rights, both knocking off each other's helmet. It was Cairns early, Scott in the middle, and Cairns again late. They both just fired rights during the whole fight. At the very end, Cairns popped Scott with a right that appeared to hit flush. Scott seemed a bit dazed after it and did not return.
Voted winner: Eric Cairns (100.0%) - Voted rating: 7.3
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