Buffalo Sabres at St. Louis Blues

Nov 27, 1995

Sabres win 2-0


Time Away Home
1pd 06:32 Rob Ray (BUF) Tony Twist (STL)
Comments: Off the faceoff they are nose to nose. Both have their sticks between the other's legs. They both toss their gloves in the air and it's go time. Twist misses a right then Ray misses two rights. Twist starts a barrage of rights landing two of them squarely. Twist starts throwing right hand bombs landing two more very square while Ray tries three rights. They turn back around and Twist throws two wild right and lands both. The second one knocks off Ray's helmet. Rayzor tried to counter with a right and it grazed. They spin around while Twist is landing wild rights. During the spin Twist lands a hard right. Twist is still throwing wild right hands and just overwhelms Ray to the ice while still swinging with rights. Ray skates away with a discolored face. He's seen in the box with ice over his eye and him wincing his eye in pain. Later it's discovered that Ray has a broken orbital bone.
Voted winner: Tony Twist (97.1%) - Voted rating: 8.0
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