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Originally Posted by caps87 View Post
Yeah, there would be a fight in the one game I dont watch...

First off, great job by Erskine to stick up for his teammate. Koci killed Green with a hit from behind and he did his job-except for the winning the fight part. That hit deserves 1 game at the most- which means Koci will get 3+. This serves as another example of why the Caps need a gooddamn enforcer in the lineup. The amount of cheap sh!t to happen to the Caps this season has already surpassed last years. Koci destroyed Green, and then to pay for it, he beat the only guy on the Caps capable of hanging in there with him.

Win Koci.

Oh yeah, fuk the NHL and the refs for the instigator rule. Erskine gets the 2 5 10 for sticking up for an injured teammate. Pafukinthetic.
Agreed. The NHL blows, run by brain-dead nincompoops, it's the main reason they are dead last in professional sports as far as fan base in the USA. They penalize a guy for coming to the defense of a teammate for a brutal hit from behind. It's the same exact logic they use for wimping out against terrorism in the world. Canada is a cowardly nation as a whole. Koci should get 5 games minimum but the "village idiot" campbell will say "well, he wasn't wearing a Flyers Jersey, so will cut him some slack and only punish him for 1 game".
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Fatty Sweets (Bruce Boudreau) comments on Koci and the hit

Land of the free lobotomy.


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Originally Posted by The_Sheriff View Post
Fatty Sweets (Bruce Boudreau) comments on Koci and the hit

Someone that has been around along as he has should know better, he should go coach curling.
Nothing to see here.
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Clear win Koci

The Caps need an enforcer like a crackhead needs that next hit
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Win Koci

And I predict a 6-gamer for him.

We won't give pause until the blood is flowing.
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Edge Koci, it looked like he landed one solid punch.

I'm glad the hit happened, I hope it keeps happening until the Caps toughen up a bit. Erskine did what he should have done in that situation, but he shouldn't be the only one able to do that.
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Maybe Koci should switch to fighting left-handed. His lefts looked stronger than any of his rights ever have.
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What was Ovechkin doing following Koci when they were skating him off the ice???Was he pi$$ed because Koci got in a better cheap shot than he did??Or did he want a piece???I'll bet on the former...
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Bruce Boudreau is an idiot and a hypocrite.

His star player, Ovechkin has hurt more people than Koci ever has but I guess since Ovie is a "star", he gets a pass where Koci is not a goal scorer and doesn't deserve to play in the NHL? What an a$$hole thing to say. There are like 4 or 5 teams in the NHL who don't believe in the enforcer role or don't have the patience to have one on their team for what he brings to it so Boudreau is definitely in the minority and I think he's also in the minority on if it was a good hit or not.

Fock that guy, and fock Bettman and Campbell for trying to "clean up the game". It's 100% the players fault if he gets run like that. If Green does it right, he might take a hit but you never turn your face to the boards like that, especially with a hitter on the ice.

The hypocrisy is disgusting and it is in just about every sport, the fines for celebration in the NFL, the 15 yarder for celebration in college, the fines and suspensions for "blows to the head" in the NHL or knee on knee hits etc are a direct result of the lack of accountability by the PLAYERS. David Koci and John Erskine might not be NHL caliber players but when you put guys on skates at 35 mph and hand them sticks and body armor and have an instigator penalty, stuff like this will happen and Ovechkin, Cooke, Burrows, Kaleta, Ruutu and others are at the very heart of this problem. If Koci grabs Ovechkin and beats the crap out of him for a dirty hit, he gets penalized a lot worse than if Ovechkin lays out someone like Jamie Heward(who will never play hockey again thanks to Alexander the Great).

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Some of you neanderthals crack me up. Your bloodlust so clouds your vision that you really come off as morons. Look I hate the Caps, I loathe Green but get a grip.

I personally don't think Green saw him coming and even if he did Koci had PLENTY of time to hold the f*ck up. He is a PROFESSIONAL hockey player and skating to him is like walking to you and I. You do not hit people in the back, (literally right on the numbers) period. Koci's team was getting blown out and he made a split-second decision to finish what he knew was a bad check.

As far as Koci switching to his left I don't see how you can say he has more power with it. That left he threw when he had Erskine jersied couldn't have landed any more flush and it didn't drop him. I would submit that if that were a right he would have put his lights out. Either that or Erskine has a jaw made of granite.
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green turns his back when koci is coming at full force aer you serious ??? green your a dumbass, good for you, i smell a 5 gamer coming from this.
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Originally Posted by MrFrost View Post
Serves em right for ditchin Sugar and Brashear
First thing I thought when I saw that hit on the highlights !

Win for Koci over a good heavy in Erskine
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