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After watching the last clip from the game....

Win Sobotka
Win Polak

Jensen are you ok with that?
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Originally Posted by fcm View Post
Todd McLelland is a f*cking moron. The game is chippy, it has been rough all night long, yet you keep Ryane Clowe on the bench to finish the game?

What happened at the end of the game is a great reason to dress Jim Vandermeer instead of a useless player like Justin Braun.
I just got home from this one. A real dog of a game to see your team eat, take the abuse of the locals, and then drive 300 miles home through farm country.

I'll bet a dime to a dollar that Vandy will be in the lineup for Game 3. Why wasn't Clowe on the ice? Because St Louis had a power play. The Sharks put out a PK line, and Hitchcock responds by putting out his 4th line. That was pretty sleazy of him, but McLellan can return the favor in any of the next two games.

I want to see Clowe, Murray, or Vandy make a beeline for Polak on his first shift. I want to see Thornton challenge Backes again, as he did in Game 1.
I hate the new Sharks logo. Why mess up a good thing?
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russell vs pavelski draw
polak vs braun polak destroyed him
jackman vs murray did they throw any punches?
sobotka vs moore win sobotka

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Someone need to explain to the Sharks coach that hitting a guy when he is down is NOT a sucker punch!
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looked like Braun threw a big punch in the scrum at Langenbrunner, setting Polak into Beast mode.....Crombeen was out there, surprised he didnt do more....Murray needed to lose the lid !! Cant wait for the rest of this series....
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Thats how you ****ing close a playoff game. Good to see this in 2012 NHL.

Some czech fists connecting for the Blues, Sobotka and Polak. Polak made sure he punches throught the object , nice. TKO WIN POLAK.

You don't cheapshot one of my players like that, it doesn't make any sense. Fight a guy straight up, whoever wins, wins, but at the end of the day respect yourself for being a fair player and a fair fighter.
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Win Sobotka
Polak absolutely destroyed Braun

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What a game!!! The scrum at the end was electrifying!!!!
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After first watching the Pavelski-Russell fight I thought EDGE Russell. But now when I watch it . . .

Pavelski VS Russell = Draw
Boyle VS Steen = looked like they fought--but they only got roughing minors for some reason
Moore VS Sobotka = Win Sobotka
Braun VS Polak = Smoking by Polak
Murray VS Jackman = weak draw
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btw the sharks lost the fights, but they clobbered the blues with two nasty hits. galiardi f'd up mcdonald with an elbow, and burns f'd up nichol with an elbow. both players will now possibly get suspended.
You got a problem with wires? YOU WANNA DANCE, SON?
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Polak went nuts. Love it! Awesome & Old School!
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Great stuff! I was wondering if this series/rivalry would develop the nastiness it had back when it was the Nolan Sharks and Pronger Blues! It was nasty then as well. Strap yourselves in, boys, this should be good!
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Originally Posted by lakingsfan19 View Post
thanks for proving my last sentence to be absolutely correct buddy. And I already called the other fights, maybe if you could read and not just blindly assume I'm going to favor Sharks you would actually contribute something meaningful.
"The biggest message he gave me is you better make an impact in a game every night. If you haven't made an impact late in a game, if you haven't blocked a shot, made a big hit, had a goal, you'd better grab someone and fight someone to make sure everybody in that building knew you played that night."
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As if the Rangers-Ottawa wasn't good enough, STL-SJ blew it out of the water.
"It's huge when guys are sticking up for each other," Rechlicz said. "It's more of a team bonding thing. I think it's great, and that's the style we've got to play. Guys come together, and it's like your family out there ... That's what it's all about. If you mess with one of our guys, you're going to mess with five of them. That's just the way it's going to go."
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