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i dont really wanna bitch or anything like that but is there a conspiracy against the oilers?? most people here said draw or edge/win JFJ with the odd edge Maclaren.. but when u go to the votes its 64% winner maclaren?? lol stortini has ruined the voting system for the oilers
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Jacques vs McLaren: Draw!
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Nice short but spirited scrap between these two. Jacques landed a couple good shots on McLaren, but McLaren came back with a big punch that looked like it knocked down JFJ. I'd call this one a draw.
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Close battle but win for Frazer, considering he got the knock down.
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This wasn't exactly the match-up I expected to see in this game but WOW what a great short tilt. KD win McLaren

Jacques on EDM really showed he can throw the body around. IMO he proved to me he is one of the best body-checkers, and he is a good fighter too. However still in this one he takes the loss, sorry EDM fans.
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One of those fights you have to watch a couple times before declaring a winner - Jacques was in total control of that fight until that last punch by McLaren knocked him off balance - I don't think that landed cleanly enough to score as a TKO or KD, but it did end the fight. I can see why some would say win for Jacques, but I'm leaning more towards a draw myself.
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Mclaren def landed that last right....

ill say Draw..with the edge to Frazer
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Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
Let's see, JFJ lands a couple of rights, McLaren lands a big right at the end and the fight ends. That's a draw in my book.
Well said, DRAW
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Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
Let's see, JFJ lands a couple of rights, McLaren lands a big right at the end and the fight ends. That's a draw in my book.
That is how I see it. JFJ was doing better and then gets popped at the end. Neither dominated.
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