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San Jose at Anaheim 11/21/09

Vote: Frazer McLaren vs George Parros Nov 21, 2009
YouTube- Frazer McLaren vs George Parros Nov 21,...

Frazer McLaren vs. George Parros

They drop the gloves and grab on at the blueline. McLaren hits Parros' shoulder with two rights and Parros responds with a hard right that lands but loses his balance and falls. Parros gets back up, misses with a weak left, and McLaren responds with some hard rights. They each throw some rights, and then Parros switches to the left and lands a couple. Parros misses with a right and McLaren goes down with Parros on top.

Edge Parros. Decent scrap.

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Parros vs McLaren: Edge Parros!
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Edge Parros.
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Parros landed a couple decent punches in this scrap to pick up a narrow win over McLaren. And Parros managed to come out on top in this fight while still managing to showcase his awful balance.
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Parros fought well at the end.
NARROW WIN goes to him.
OK battle.
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This is why some of the heavies simply shouldn't be in the league...they both weren't able to throw a punch without loosing their balance. Ridicolous.
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Win Parros. He looked good here throwin some solid shots.
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Win Parros... That Mclaren kid didn't look bad..
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Edge Parros
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Edge Parros
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what's up w Shelley?
still banged up?
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Draw/edge Parros (whatever).. Funny how Parros stood tough with Orr but had balance issues against a lesser opponent.
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Originally Posted by tyler1 View Post
what's up w Shelley?
still banged up?
im pretty sure hes still on IR
i think its his shoulder or arm cuz he has been wearing a sling i believe his right arm
maybe a few weeks..
but very high hopes for mclaren if he can stay in the lineup this year
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