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Originally Posted by Active Stick View Post
Off topic but Pat Foley ripping the anthem singer was awesome
That was amazing and what everyone was thinking who watched that abortion.

Originally Posted by Em36 View Post
Westgarth and Scott seem disinterested. Something will have to happen for them to go I think. Hopefully it does.
Well, Westgarth crashed the net until the whistle blew and was given a penalty for slashing . Blame the "new" NHL for the players disinterest.
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Originally Posted by FightingIsGood View Post
And just to add on - once again, the Pens did absolutely NOTHING about that hit. NOTHING. They are no better than the Sabres.
I just saw the hit... and the lack of response. I was thinking the same thing! In fact, they may be worse, because they are waaaaayyy tougher than the team who did the hitting! It's like a role reversal.
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