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Originally Posted by Big Violence View Post
Big Mac is itching for a fight. So far he's been turned down by Neil, Carkner, and Jannsen that I know of. Maybe Rupp will be willing when the Pens play the Rangers.
There's really no incentive for Neil and Janssen to fight Big Mac though. Both of them know that they can't beat him. So unless MacIntyre forces them to fight (not take an instigator, but just throw a bunch of huge hits out there) then of course he'll have a hard time finding a fight. I'm a little surprised that Carkner turned him down (unless it wasn't a good time to fight or something) given that I think Carkner can hold his own and possibly beat MacIntyre.
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Carkner turned down Mac cause he's still recovering from that beating Lucic laid on him.
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Ott is already in Franzens face. I can see Ott fighting one of the Wings. Hopefully Commodore grabs him and kicks his ass.
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Downie checks Phenuf. They start stick jousting then a 3rd man jumps in and everything gets broken off.
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And somehow Maple Leafs on a PP.
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Originally Posted by IhateLindros View Post
Well Matt Martin has officially become a spot picker. His third time in 2 games where an opposing player has dropped the gloves and he just gets ragdolled. Love the guy but this is getting ridiculous.
Yeah, I think they're sending Martin out there to hunt for power plays, and of course the whole organization is probably getting caught up in the fact that the power play is now 3-for-3 in the past 2 games on penalties Martin has drawn from declining an opposing player.

I was ok with the initial decline of Eager last game, but didn't like the second time since I thought he could have still drawn an instigator while also dropping the gloves instead of letting himself get ragdolled. And the decline of Allen tonight was just embarrassing.
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Haha! Thompson tries to get a quick start on ÚLuke Schenn and receives 10 straight lefts for his troubles while throwing zero back! Game could get uglier late now
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Meh another crap night......
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Did downie lose it or what??
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Originally Posted by westgennylax3 View Post
Did downie lose it or what??
Him and Phaneuf met up and pushed a bit. Downie dropped a glove but of course Dion didn't oblige. Aulie then dropped a glove and grabbed Doenie but Downie skated away. Boyce then went after Downie but the stupid linesman got in the middle as usual. Even the colour guy on the Leafs feed was sick of it. "Get the linesman out of there! The league has gotta stop doing that."

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