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Gotta love Clowe. He's just a straight up honest hockey player who has not forgotten his role even with the offensive success. It's not a bad thing when the guy who scores a goal and the SO winner is also willing to have a go with a guy who knocked out Orr and knocked Shelley loopy. He's the real captain of that team.
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I would love to have Clowe on my team. He is captain material for sure. Engelland and Clowe both had nice games with a goal a piece plus the fight. Neither of these guys lose a fight very often. Clowe hasn't lost a fight cleanly in 3 seasons and Engelland has only lost one cleanly to Biz in the NHL.
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ryan clowe is probably loved by everyone here, as he should be. same w/ engo

has craig adams ever won a fight?
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Originally Posted by Philly Fan 27 View Post
ryan clowe is probably loved by everyone here, as he should be. same w/ engo

has craig adams ever won a fight?
I don't think Adams has won a fight in a penguins uniform.
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Win for Winchester

Draw in Engelland-Clowe

It could be worse guys, my team the Blues led the league in scraps last year and have a grand total of 2 this year and are playing Hockey with about as much passion as a corpse and the coach is playing a career AHL guy in the spot on the 4th line where the rookie enforcer should be and we are not really sure he is up to the job. The really bad news is we may have no one in that role on the roster right now.
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Originally Posted by Kid Roberts View Post
He was never sent down and Winchester challenged Engelland, but he said no. What does Mac have to do with that?
Because Adams wouldn't have had to get his a$$ kicked again if Mac was in the lineup.Engelland said no because at the time Niskanen was off the ice with an injury.Which he came back from eventually.He didn't want to put the team down another d-man.But he made up for it with his fight with Clowe.

Win Winchester
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Originally Posted by Philly Fan 27 View Post
ryan clowe is probably loved by everyone here, as he should be. same w/ engo

has craig adams ever won a fight?
He even got bent over by Gregory Campbell, and that's bad...
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Not that Craig Adams fairs that well in many of his fights, but he just looked really overmatched by Winchester who picked up a quick clean victory landing a few punches.

Clowe-Engelland was an alright tilt, although I didn't see much land cleanly. I'd call it a draw.
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Nice to see Adams holding down his spot as the worst fighter in the NHL.
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Win Winchester in a complete mismatch.

Draw in the Engelland-Clowe tilt.
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Not a great showing by Pittsburg fighters. I think I heard somewhere that Pitt had a guy that can fight, anybody think they will use him against the Kings on Sat, I think its time he got a shot at a team with a fighter.
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Was at the game last night. Only my second NHL game ever, first time to see Pit. They should have won the hockey game. The clowe scrap with Engo was the momentum boost they rode all the way to the shootout win. I was 3 rows off the pens bench. They were probably 5 feet from me. If winchester actually landed anything Adams was showing no signs of it. Just seemed way to small to stand in there with Winchester. Engo and Clowe I don't think either guy landed a single punch. Just happy to see them go. A good hockey game. It was really cool for me to be so close to the players I have been watching for years. HOPEFULLY MAC IS IN SAT!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Mike Tython View Post
Nice to see Adams holding down his spot as the worst fighter in the NHL.
He has to fight Tom K for that dishonor. The loser is without a doubt the worst fighter in the NHL.

Win Winchester.

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Winchester VS Adams = Win Rifle

Clowe VS Englander = Draw in a really great fight

BTW Ryane Clowe did everything last night, and pretty much won the game for us
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Craig Adams actually won a fight against Steve Ott a few seasons ago and when he was in Chicago he beat Josh Gratton.
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