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Win Darcy. Flyers look horrible in all areas lately.
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Shelley has been around far too long to be suprised,hope he's not trying to draw an instigator here,he knows that wont work either. No excuse for being punched twice with your stick still in your hand. Good fight,Shelley off to a self-inflicted bad start.
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Solid draw..These two were throwing some good ones.
Drunk again???Me too.....
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2 healthy back and forth scraps tonight
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if u guys actually watched the game shelley tried to get him to go earlier but hordi didnt want to. Thats why im guessin shelley was givin him the same treatment this time
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Edge Shelley, who asked Hordi on their first shift and was denied. Shelley was returning the favour to Hordi because Jody is tired of getting turned down more than a geek at the prom. Hordi got an extra 2 for roughing so it was a good move anyway.
"Now we can fight as warriors... hand to hand... it is the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon." - Metal Gear Solid, 1998
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Draw. Nice scrap.
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Great, spirited scrap. Both landed some good shots. Draw.
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I said draw!
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Good tilt. Draw
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A heavyweight tilt. Is it the third this year?

However, draw.
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If you take away the cheapshots to start the fight, edge Shelley.

If not solid draw.. Hordichukk should have more respect for a true warrior like Shelley.. NY guy your a dope.. Your brain is mush, and your eyes need work.. Idiot
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The old man can still play the guitar.
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Closed Thread

darcy hordichuk, edmonton oilers, jody shelley, philadelphia flyers

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