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Brown - Neil

I don't think a punch landed as they were spinning and Brown was in Peters mode. Draw. Neil threw a couple late punches.

Orr - Carkner

They are at arms legnth and Orr lands a couple early. They trade rights that all come up short for awhile. Carkner switches to the left and eats a short right that gets him falling forward. Carkner lands a left on his way down as Orr misses a right. Carkner can thank Neil for the huge right Orr then landed after they went down. Not counting it for the scoring or anything but Carkner is lucky he had a helmet on because his head bounced off the ice from the force of the late right. Win Orr for landing a few more. He had the range early and Carkner only landed the one short left as he was falling.

Fiesher - Versteeg

Looks like they are going to dance around a bit then Versteeg decides to throw a right that knocks the helmet off Fisher. It seemed Fisher was going to take it easy but then he started throwing hard rights after that. Not sure what landed but it could have been bad for Versteeg if Fisher had landed clean. I'll give Fisher the win for now.
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Upon second viewing, draw/win Orr/win Fisher.
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Win Fisher

Versteeg completed the Gordie Howe hattrick with this fight.
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Edge Orr
Win Fischer
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draw/draw/win fisher
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Originally Posted by grits207 View Post
Win Fisher

Versteeg completed the Gordie Howe hattrick with this fight.
Very nice... Datsuyk then Versteeg. hehe
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YouTube - October 9th, 2010 Chris Neil...

YouTube - Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner -...
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Not a bad scrap between Carkner/Orr. Edge Orr l guess. Both looked alittle rusty. Don't think Carkner went down due to a punch, more from the monentum of a missed left. No one really landed anything solid in this one.
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Brown/Neil - Draw, I guess.. Brown looked to do most of the landing, Neil not so much but whateves
Orr/Carkner - Win Orr, Carkner ends up on his ass again.
Versteeg/Fisher - Edge Fisher, he broke free at one point and landed about 3 shots to Versteeg's 1.
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Edge Neil
Edge Orr
Edge Fisher in a hug fest
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Brown vs Neil = Draw

Orr vs Carkner = Win Orr

Versteeg vs Fisher = Win Fisher

Shame it took 5 goals to get things going. Like how Versteeg, the smallest Leaf had to fight, he tried, but didn't succeed.
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Win Orr, only one to actually land shots, not a bad tilt to start the season for them. Carkner has got to figure out a way to deal with Orr, because it's now 4-1 Orr, could be 8-1 by the end of the year.

One thing I am sick of on this site, is people whinnig about bad fights or hugfests for non-fighters. Be happy they even drop their gloves.

When Versteeg and Fisher dropped the gloves I was so excited and happy just to see different guys throwing down or attempting too. Didn't care if it was boring or not, just like when decent players go out of their element. Edge Fisher(Versteeg did a nice job hanging in there, love this kid)
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Matt Carkner vs. Colton Orr

As the play moves into the Ottawa zone, Carkner and Orr meet up behind the net, exchange a shove and then throw off the gloves. They immediately grab on and Orr fires a quick right. He follows that up with two rights, the first looking to catch Carkner. Both fighters then exchange a couple of rights that miss before Orr loses his right elbow pad. Orr attempts a right uppercut that comes up short. Orr throws two more rights which is countered by a right from Carkner, neither guy looking to land. Orr with a shot to the midsection which is quickly answered by a body shot from Carkner. Orr responds with a right that misses and Carkner looks to respond with a right that lands. Orr fires back with a right that glances the helmet of Carkner. Carkner then quickly gets in close and switches his grip so he can throw with his left and as he does Orr catches him with a good right. Carkner is able to sneak in a left before Orr answers back with a right that puts Carkner off balance. While off balance Orr throws another right and then both combatants fall hard to the ice. While on top, Orr nailed Carkner with a right and then the linesmen jump in and split the heavyweights up.

Mike Fisher vs. Kris Versteeg

This one starts as Fisher and Versteeg run into each other along the boards. Following the hit, Fisher hooks Versteeg before the two grab onto each other and then toss off the gloves. The bout starts in close quarters as they battle for position along the boards. Fisher sneaks in a short left before pulling the helmet of Versteeg off. Versteeg gets free and lands a right that knocks the helmet of Fisher off. Fisher quickly answers with two right uppercuts that hit the mark. Fisher then throws a right to the back of Versteeg’s head. Versteeg tries answering with a right but comes up short and then Fisher follows back with another right. They get in close again and begin to wrestle. Fisher attempts a few right uppercuts but to no avail. They continue grappling and then Fisher is able to work his left free as he fires off a shot that looks to land. Versteeg answers with a quick right jab and then both guys throw wild punches that miss the mark. Versteeg’s sweater comes up and moments later the refs step in and split them up.

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Anyone catch the two little body shots? Carkner throws one, then Orr replied with one, and that ended the body shots.
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Win Orr
Win Fisher
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