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Edmonton at St Louis 11/29/08

Vote: Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka Nov 29, 2008
YouTube - Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka Nov 29,...

Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka
Staios puts a hit on David Perron along the boards and then actually issues a challenge to Perron, and he wants none of that, Jeff Woywitka skated over immediately and answered. Both drop the mits and start grabbing for position, Staios finds his first throwing no less then 15 punches on Jeff nothing landing but body shots before Woywitka answeres with little rights and three uppercuts that miss altogether. With all that I do not think a punch was landed to the face, Draw

Vote: Shawn Horcoff vs David Backes Nov 29, 2008
YouTube - Shawn Horcoff vs David Backes Nov 29,...

David Backes vs Shawn Horcoff

David Backes : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Shawn Horcoff : Fighting (maj) - 5 min

I can not give an accurate description of this fight, I did see it, but can not get back to it on my recording sorry. I left the boxscore there so someone might check it out if recording and leave a description. I do remember the fight was a draw Or was it?

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I just saw it during the game and no replay, but Horcoff really didn't want to fight Backes, and Backes threw most of the punches, I think Backes took that one.

First you said Staios landed 15 body shots, and you followed by saying nothing landed. Staios takes that one just for actually trying to fight.
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Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka

Crap fight. Staios throwing and not landing much. Woy dancing and grabbing on trying to evade Staios' free right arm.

Gropefest mostly.

David Backes vs Shawn Horcoff

Missed it.

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Wow St. Louis is totally blowing this game.
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Gordie How hattrick for Shawn Hordoff !!
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Horcoff was acting tough in a scrum and got tied up with Backes... Backes landed the only real punches as Horcoff tried to seatbelt he maybe landed 1 or 2. Win Backes.
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Originally Posted by hebbe_25 View Post
Gordie How hattrick for Shawn Hordoff !!

Horcoff has 3 points and a scrap now this game...

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couple scraps, not much in either though from the feed
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Win Staios - I've never seen Woywitka fight properly or effectively.

Win Backes - He clearly wanted this one more, against a complete non-fighter.

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YouTube - Shawn Horcoff vs David Backes Nov 29,...

Shawn Horcoff vs David Backes

The two start shoving behind the Blues net after the whistle, and at first a linesman is in between them, but then he lets them go. Backes is clearly the aggressor as he drops the gloves first and basically makes Horcoff fight. And so Horcoff finally drops the gloves, and Backes rips his helmet off before he throws a few rights. Horcoff throws two lefts but they don't connect, and Backes lands a right that causes Horcoff to fall to his knees, and then Backes follows it up with a flurry of more rights. Horcoff gets up, and it looks like they each land a left, and then Backes gets Horcoff in a head lock and throws a few more rights while Horcoff is on his knees before the linesmen break it up.

Win Backes for throwing and landing more.

YouTube - Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka Nov 29,...

Steve Staios vs Jeff Woywitka

They drop the gloves and grab on, and Staios just starts throwing a flurry of punches, but they're mostly just body shots. He probably throws 15 of them, and Woywitka attempts a few short rights of his own but they do no damage. Finally the linesmen move in and break it up since nothing is happening.

Draw. Crappy fight. Nothing happened here.

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Backes got the better of Horcoff in their fight, but props to Shawn for picking up the Gordie! It didn't look like he was looking for that fight initially in the scrum, but even though he lost the fight, at least he ended up trying to stand in their against Backes.

Staios-Woywitka wasn't a great fight, I'd call that a draw.
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Staios with NARROW WIN landing only punches.
Staios isnt good fighter but Woywitka can't fight.

Bakces with CLEAR WIN because of good control+good ending.
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bleh, both guys wearing visors, kinda weak, draw.

Lol, Horcoff really shows how he doesn't know how to fight, as he gets pretty much beaten savagely by Backes, which is no real fighter either.
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