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Edge Boll.

Edge McCormick.

Edge Weber.
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boll vs kaleta
kaleta is a very underrated fighter imo.he can stand up for himself even if fighting guys above his weightclass...good draw

prout vs mccormick
yet better draw...i dont know much about prout but he fought a couple times in nhl and i dont think he lost one

foligno vs weber
weber's punches didnt do any damage.they came all short..foligno seemed to land a couple while they were falling and while on the ice...edge foligno

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w/edge foligno
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Narrow wins for Boll and McCormick for landing cleaner punches. Not sure how people are giving Prout the win in that fight.

I'll give the third fight a draw only because I don't think a punch was landed. Foligno was far more active, but Weber locked him out from landing anything. Crap fight. Weber sucks at fighting
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hate kaleta but gotta give him props for getting involved these days and not hiding behind the visor !!
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Kaleta dropped them with noted pugilist Boll. I'm sure the full-bowl gives him more confidence, but he seems to be standing up more for himself. I don't give 'Edges', so I can't really see giving this anything else than a DRAW. A fully healthy Boll would have probably worked him over.

I'm very happy that McCormick has been seeing the ice this year. He's not going to win every fight, but he sure can throw 'em. He did a nice job switching hands too. W for Cody.

Sure Weber isn't the best fighter, but I think Foligno had him locked out, not the other way around. DRAW

Sabres suck this year, but at least they have started dropping the mitts. Besides Miller's play, fights might be the only entertaining aspect of the team this year.
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Originally Posted by cookie monster View Post
Win Boll
Win Prout

yeah okay "homer"
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buffalo sabres, cody mccormick, columbus blue jackets, dalton prout, jared boll, mike weber, nick foligno, patrick kaleta

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