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Originally Posted by Picture time View Post
Lucic is always quiet when the opposition has a legitimate heavy on their team.
Your favorite team would know all about that.
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Win Orr, solid scrap
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Originally Posted by nasty View Post
I noticed Looch has been very quiet when the Bruins are in Toronto !
Don't forget when they play Buffalo and Ottawa.
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Win Orr.
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Originally Posted by 2,5,10GameMatch View Post
Why is only one other person calling this a "KD win for Orr"??

KD win Orr, Thornton took one that put him down at the end.
It was close but I am not so quick to give out a KD when the fighters are trading lefts and rights. Thornton threw a left, got caught with a right, and kept falling to his right. I think the punch and Thornton's momentum were equally to blame for Thornton going to a knee.
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thornton early,orr late...draw in a little too long boring fight

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Originally Posted by 2,5,10GameMatch View Post
Why is only one other person calling this a "KD win for Orr"??

KD win Orr, Thornton took one that put him down at the end.
Originally Posted by Boston Garden View Post
Here we go. Now it's time to push for a KD.

Can we get a slo-mo to break down 30 times.
The slo-mo has already been posted, and no, it's not a KD. Thornton's momentum caused him to go down at the end, not Orr's punch.
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Originally Posted by 2,5,10GameMatch View Post
Why is only one other person calling this a "KD win for Orr"??

KD win Orr, Thornton took one that put him down at the end.
I wrote potential knockdown in the possible fights thread. I don't think it was a knockdown but that was the best punch and it really ended the fight. It really doesn't matter because we got a good fight between 2 guys a lot of people like watching.

Clear win Orr!
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Originally Posted by Bruins29 View Post
Great fight between two very tough guys. Thornton hung in there and landed a few punches right on the button, but Orr was more active and controlled the fight. As many others have said, Thornton is a warrior and he never quits. But Orr got the best of him in this one.

Also, no matter what a few fanboys on here think, Orr is not the heavyweight champ. There is no heavyweight champ this season...just a group of guys fighting to be the best. Nobody has been dominant.
I think Orr is the heavyweight champ, just my opinion though.
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Originally Posted by BOSTONMASSACRE View Post
I think Orr is the heavyweight champ, just my opinion though.
Hands down.

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Let us know when he beats Mcgrattan and Bordeleau, then ou can crown him. I'd say he is he East champ though.
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RAT, I hear ya. My intention was also to 'stir the pot' as well so I agree with your response ;-)

But I still have no respect for Huggy Neil. It proved 'successful' in his bout, but also can't stand fighters who are considered 'tough guys' hugging away, scoring jabs and fighting fearful. Neil's head alone probably weighs 200lbs so please no one respond with any "He's a middle weight" garbage. There is no great size difference between them two.

And of course I don't feel that the B's "fear" the Leafs, but are they a different team playing T.O this year??? Without question. No aggression, no intimidation and they actually seem passive, wanting to play a skill game. This ain't my STanley Cup champ Bruins let me tell ya.

MAIN... umm OK. No fight knowledge here. Thanks for making me aware.

BRUINS29, I think I see where you are going with "no HW champ this year" as no one has won all of their fights decisively in '13, but has there been a more intimidating force this year that actually plays (Scott DQ'd for lack of playing time) than Orr?

Orr and to a lesser extent, McLaren and Fraser, have intimidated in every game that they've played, and outside maybe the Islanders, I haven't seen one team willing to be aggressive on a consistent basis against the Leafs. But didn't that c0cksmoke Kaleta try taking runs in the last game or Prust in Montreal? Oh yeah... Special K and Rene B felt the thunder from Orr and then they sat down quitely like good school girls after that...
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Good fight, win Orr.

Finally someone gets the clear win in their series. I'm a big fan of both guys, I do however think that this will be Thorntons last season as a starting roster player unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by TJ MACKEY28 View Post
Yeah, I was wondering about that RATS guy comment too. So based on your logic, Neil "dethroned" Orr so that makes Neil the HW champ so far this year?? That's what it means, but any sane person would call that flawed.

You could say huggy bear Neil scored a decision, but that was based out of fear on Neils part to open up. Fearful fighters have no place in my books as being 'champs'.

Anywho, it's clear that this Bruin team fears the 2013 Leafs physically. Unless Lucic, Chara and Thornton have been injured beyond belief EVERY time they've played the Leafs in '13, they are clearly a different physical team against Toronto with Orr, McL & Fraser in the line-up. No aggression and definitely no intimidation factor.

Their record may be solid, but someone like ususal physical pushovers Vancouver this year seems more playoff ready. Wouldn't draft the B's too heavy in the playoff pool.
ur an idiot, Neil has the best chin in the NHL by opening up probably too much in the past actually. Neil has some of the best grapping and balance strength in the entire league and by doing so has prolongued his career, just like Laraque and Brashear did.

All three are tough guys who have all defeated Orr and avoided serious concussion issues in their respective careers. It's the fat homers on here that are annoying on this website.
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Originally Posted by djaye View Post
Thorts landed a couple good shots, one backing Orr up and he ( Thorts ) had the fight up till the last few moments. Orr bombed/stunned/kd'ed Thorts.

03:43 Orr catches Thorts with a good clean shot and spins Thorts head.. down he goes ( appeared to be stunned ).

I dunno if its the competition or age/years of being a warrior taking its toll.. Thorts hasnt been doing so well recently. Normally, hes a guy nobody should under estimate. Hes fought the best of everyone in his time. This year.. he doesnt look too good.

uhhhmm you think a concussion plus stellar competition would have anything to do with it? This isn't rocket science
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