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parros janssen is a beauty of a fight. calling it a win parros actually. threw more landed more did more damage. janssen does his typical comeback but not enough for the W
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There is no question who wins a fight between heavyweights Parros and Janssen as its for sure a Parros
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Easy win for Parros again. This is twice now, that he's beat down Cam and Cam has called for the linesmen to step in.
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Expected more from a team like Anahiem in a 9-3 game, sheesh.

Parros with the clear win over Janssen. Janssen just absorbed too much punishment through the first half of that fight before he finally started to answer back. But even then Parros didn't stop going - he was firing away the whole fight and din't really give Janssen much of a chance to come back. Win Parros in maybe his best scrap of the year.

Sbisa's looked good fighting this year until this point, lol. D'Agostini caught him with one at the end that effectivley finished this one off.
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anaheim ducks, cam janssen, george parros, luca sbisa, matt d'agostini, st. louis blues

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