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Bourque or Caron?


It's shaping up that it's either Chris Bourque or Jordan Caron that will be the 3rd line LW. Who would you rather have starting? I like Bourque purely for the storyline, but I think Caron is the better more physical player. Maybe Knight or Spooner?

Unfortunately, neither of them are a frequent nor talented fighter.

At least we got Exelby as a tough 7th defenseman.
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I'm not a big fan of Caron. He just doesn't do much for me. Having said that, I haven't really seen Bourque play yet. I know he put up monster numbers in the AHL but we'll see how that translates to his NHL game in Boston. So, basically, as long as Bourque shows some kind of goal-scoring prowess, I'd prefer him over Caron.
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Bourque is pretty much a career minor leaguer. Caron has more upside so he'll get the spot regardless, IMO.
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bourque is a sniper though we dont have any snipers and also caron is a RW not a LW
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Calling Bourque a sniper is being rather generous, IMO. Scoring in the AHL and scoring in the NHL are two completely different things. Bourque has yet to prove he can in the latter.

I'm not necessarily a big fan of Caron but his upside alone makes him a more valuable asset. So unless he has an awful training camp and preseason, I don't see Bourque taking his spot.
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I think the spots Caron's,with Spooner as a dark horse candidate. Spooner again impressed in the B's rookie camp a few weeks ago. Still would like to see McDermid get in 20-25 games on the 4th line,share some of the scrapping duties with Thorton. Really impressed with Lane,hits everything in sight,not a bad scrapper.
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