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Fuel Injection

After two and a half years of testing the fuel injected engine is still three tenths of a second slower than the car with the carb equipped engine , the latest tests were run last weekend at Kentucky speedway .
They are supposed to put the fuel injected system into use at the beginning of the 2012 season . Unless they mandate every car has to use the system at three tenths of a second slower they are going to be at a real disadvantage against the carbed engine .

Your thoughts on the system change . I think someone will come up with some invention that will make the Fuel injected engine unbeatable , some one will find a way to get extreme milage out of the gas they use , two to three extra laps per tank could make that three tenths of a second faster go away in a hurry ..
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Actually the fuel injection takes the fuel guessing out of the equation because the intake will be taken care of by the computer not a crew chiefs guessing. That's what I get out of it and to tell you the truth, that will take out alot of enjoyable racing at the end of a race.
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