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Possible fights SPHL 2/17/13

Fayetteville FireAntz (37) at Augusta RiverHawks (43) 4:35 PM ET - Preview
FAY: Kyle McNeil (14), Anthony Bergin (4), Tyler Matheson (4), Corey Toy (4), Tristin Llewellyn (2)(ECHL), Bobby Reed (2), Brock Sawyer (2), Justin Faryna (1)(CHL), Kyle Frieday (1), Mike Gurtler (1), Andrew Smale (1), Steve Wicklum (1)(waived)
ARH: Dennis Sicard (18), Taylor McReynolds (7), Kyle Watson (5), Matt Auffrey (2)(ECHL), Luke Frey (2), Mike Switzer (2), Drew Baker (1), Aaron McGill (1)(waived), Curtis Megginson (1), Casey Mignone (1), Jarrett Rush (1)(ECHL), Ian Watters (1), Chad Ziegler (1)(ECHL)

Mississippi Surge (50) at Huntsville Havoc (56) 6:00 PM ET - Preview
MIS: Anthony Collins (9), Branden Kosolofsky (7), Nicholas Kuqali (4)(ECHL), Tommy Lange (4)(ECHL), Brad Good (3)(IR), Jeff Grant (3), Kyle Kudroch (3), Payden Benning (2)(team suspension), Trent Bonnett (2), Stu Jacobson (2)(waived), Kyle VanderMale (2), Reid Edmondson (1)(IR), Shane Glover (1), James Isaacs (1)(ECHL), Nathan Oke (1), Matt Ridley (1), Cole Ruwe (1)(CHL), Kiefer Smiley (1), Adam Stuart (1), Michael Tuomi (1)(waived)
HSV: Corey Fulton (14), Aaron McGill (11), Bill Baker (8), Sam Cannata (7), Chapen Leblond (6), Bryant Doerrsam (2), Matt Smyth (2), Kevin Brojek (1)(waived), Brad Cooper (1)(waived), Derek Foam (1)(ECHL), Dan McWhinney (1), Stuart Stefan (1), Chase Wharton (1)(waived)
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