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Welcome to the Football Sub-forum

Welcome to the Football sub-forum. This forum will contain all threads about American style football. This includes talk and stories about all levels, from the National Football League, to the Canadian Football League, NCAA, and even crazy high school stories, this is the home of Football talk.

We also encourage members to post in the threads dedicated to their favorite teams, ie. Official Team Threads. These threads will be moderated the same as the Hockey Team Threads. If you are not a fan of the particular team, it is OK to post in there as long as you are not trolling or making pointless comments guaranteed to start a flamefest. Any posts that are deemed as inflammatory, or whose sole purpose is to instigate trouble will be deleted and the poster will be recommended for suspension.

With the football season getting started with the opening of NFL and NCAA Training Camps and the CFL in the middle of their season, there is sure to be some great discussion in here. Enjoy.
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