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Possible fights CHL 3/8/12

Quad City Mallards (43) at Allen Americans (50) 8:05 PM ET - Preview
QCM: Jason Kostadine (17), Tyler Sheldrake (6)(traded), Obi Aduba (5), John Snowden (3), Taylor Vichorek (3), Bobby Preece (2), Jared Brown (1), Justin Chwedoruk (1), Eric Giosa (1), Mickey Lang (1), Jared Lavender (1), Jeff Moor (1)(waived), Jake Riddle (1)(waived)
ALA: Brett Clouthier (8), Scott Langdon (7), Trevor Hendrikx (6)(AHL), Jim McKenzie (6), Mike Berube (4), Dominic D'Amour (4)(traded), Dylan King (3), Aaron McGill (3)(waived), Jeff Martens (2), Jason Deitsch (1), Bruce Graham (1)(IR), Joshua Hepditch (1), Tyler Ludwig (1), Trevor Ludwig (1)(IR), Brian McMillin (1), Ben Wilson (1)(IR), Mark Nebus
RIP Marcia "Edna Krabappel/Mrs. Carruthers" Wallace.
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no fights

chl, possible fights

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