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Toronto at Hamilton 10/27/13

Vote: Jamie Devane vs Nick Tarnasky Oct 27, 2013
Jamie Devane vs Nick Tarnasky - YouTube
"There is no such thing as a staged fight. There is always a reason-pump up the fans and your team. Retribution for something else." Cam Janssen
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Enforcing via cheap shots isn't enforcing.

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Devane with the win. Surprised to see Tarnasky was able to stay on his skates for that long. Someone should put training wheels on him or something.
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brookbanktuff (10-30-2013)
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Nice knockdown win for Devane there.
Eeeeehhhhhh yyyyoooouuuuu gggggguuuuuyyyyyyssssss!

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hahaha that mascot is hilarious.the fight was good but i cant stop watching the end of that video over and over

'just leave me alone, i know what to do!'
'yes, yes, yes, yes.i'm doing all the tyres, u dont have to remind me every second...' - kimi raikkonen
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havoc00 (10-30-2013)
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Devane has some serious power. Some of those body shots he was throwing were ****ing nasty.
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