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Lake Erie at Rochester 12/26/12

Patrick Bordeleau vs Nick Tarnasky - YouTube

Marcus Foligno vs Thomas Pock - YouTube
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Easy win Borderleau, how is he as a player I have only seen him once, Im a fan of him for sure
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I was at this game...

Missed the first fight because of the weather. Win Bordeleau, he stung Tarnasky a couple times. Thanks for posting this!!!

wgenny- this is the first I saw Bordeleau play, he was out there pretty regularly and did a solid job. Thought he was going to go again with Tarnasky in the third, but the game was close and neither was going to take a penalty.

WIN Foligno in a quickie. Nice job by Pock sticking up for a guy that usually sticks up for him. I like Foligno's play, he's good in the offensive end and will drop them on occasion.

This was a fun game to be at! Lots of goals and a couple fights, combined with an Amerks win = good times! Hodgson looked good and Brennan had 5 points!!

I highly suggest going to the Genny Brewpub before a game. Its just up the street and they have decent food. Not as crowded as the Dino.
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Val: I live in Cleveland and had tickets for my son and I to attend this game, but the snowstorm was bad enough to keep us from making the drive so I ate the 55 bucks, unfortunately! Too bad. Even though my Monsters lost, it would have been entertaining.

Regarding the Bordeleau question, he has been with Lake Erie for four seasons now and I've watched his skills improve tremendously in that time. But understand, there was a LOT of room for improvement there! Four years ago he could barely skate and take a regular shift in the AHL, and now he has six points (including two goals) in 25 games. He has the potential to be one of those 5-minute-a-night, fourth-line NHL enforcers with some more improvement...and I hear that if/when the lockout ends, Colorado wants him in Denver. We'll see.
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