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Connecticut at Bridgeport 11/23/12

Vote: Kris Newbury vs Matt Watkins November 23, 2012
Kris Newbury vs Matt Watkins - YouTube

Vote: Micheal Haley vs Brett Gallant November 23, 2012
Micheal Haley vs Brett Gallant - YouTube
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Huge Haley fan and love the fact that he discarded his helmet. Gallant is for real.
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Gallant has been busy this year and he's looked good too. I remember seeing Gallant TKO'd twice in the same game when he was in the Q and 17 years old. The guy had a big set of balls back then too.
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Horrible homer announcing but Gallant scored that nice quick left to open up Haley. None of those "big right hooks" connected.
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