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Chicago at Rockford 12/8/12

Vote: Tim Miller vs Andrew Shaw December 8, 2012
Tim Miller vs Andrew Shaw - YouTube

Vote: Kevin Connauton vs Jeremy Morin December 8, 2012
Kevin Connauton vs Jeremy Morin - YouTube
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Morin was out on his feet after the 1st uppercut of the tilt,,,, DONE,
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Shaw gets the win in the first bout and Morin looked to take a serious shot in the second fight. Hopefully hes ok after that one.
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Here is Chicago's broadcast:

Chicago Wolves at Rockford IceHogs 12/8/2012 -...

Huge hit, Bollig skating into the goalie, and general rough play leads to great after play shenanigans at 1:50.
Teddy Bears fly at 5:00
Miller Shaw at 7:30
Connauton Morin at 10:00
End of game roughings at 12:00

And as always, credit for the video goes to youtube's wolfkeeper80.

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I would love to see Beach playing for a team who doesnt have Brookbank, Bollig, Flick and Shawn to protect him.
He is such a punk .
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Well maybe if Brent Sterling didn't grab a guy that's twice his size, he wouldn't have been ragdolled like that. End of game stuff, man that's just hockey. I'd actually give him props for not suckering Sterling when he was on the ice, but I'm biased so meh.
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It's too bad nobody in the Canucks' organization can handle Bollig.
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