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Chris Cole's Forecast Calls For Pain Series III-IV

a visual history of hockey violence part III

Youngblood Intro - All You Could Do Was Fight...
1) S GRIMSON la vs R SIMPSON stl NHL - the reaper scores as clean a KO as you’ll see
2) B MARCHMENT chi vs D MALEY sj NHL - solid bout with the lefts pumping
3) K TASKER tol vs T SENN ric ECHL - simply put, one of the best of all time
4) B COFFIN hnt vs K TASKER tol ECHL - another tasker slugfest w/ lotsa punches
5) J MACOUN cgy vs R DELORME van NHL - an absolute classic from the eighties
6) B BROWN min vs J VANDERMEER phi NHL - brown early, vandy late in a marathon
7) M DOYLE shw vs B TIDBALL que QMJHL - at center ice, one of their many 04/05 bouts
8) TORONTO vs ATLANTA line brawl NHL - a 1979 playoff melee w/ sittler,williams & plett
9) C DOUCETTE que vs A VACHON rim QMJHL - quite the slugfest, rights & lefts o’plenty
10) R SIMPSON chi vs M McSORLEY sj NHL - another san jose marathon for big marty
11) T YATES cob vs J HELMER tnt OPJHL - a short, vicious tier II battle
12) M PELUSO nj vs T TWIST que NHL - its concussion city for mike compliments of a right
13) JULIAN, McQUAT osh vs KOEHLER, CASSELLA bel OHL - the home side dominates
14) J KORDIC que vs J McKENZIE hfd NHL - aging john no match for young buck jim
15) C BRASSARD bs vs D MOOR mem CHL - after eating one early, brassard takes over
16) P RUSHTON vs J LEINHOS - a gem from the hockey gladiators competition
17) S WALKER van vs M EAGLES was NHL - eagles stays w/ might mite walker for a time
18) A STOJANOV van vs K CHASE hfd NHL - a center ice marathon slugfest
19) R TOCCHET phi vs G McPHEE nyr NHL - the rematch and a barn burner at that
20) LAS VEGAS vs ATLANTA line brawl IHL - topper sets this off with two separate bouts
21) T SIMPSON cgy vs P POULIN mtl NHL - simpson delivers ko punch
22) D VAN OENE roc vs B THOMPSON hfd AHL - big ko punch catches thompson flush
23) M PETIT phx vs S WALKER van NHL - walker leaking badly, but lands a ton in return
24) J BEIRNES osh vs G WILLIAMS pet OHL - williams dominates with some big shots
25) K MAGUIRE buf vs R LARSON bos NHL - slow start, both tossing by the end
26) RICE sj vs ALLARD crn LHSP - solid close in bout with edge to allard
27) PJ STOCK mtl vs S McCARTHY nyr NHL - stock always game but no match for sandy
28) A FERENCE bos vs J HECHT buf NHL - non frequent fighters both land good ones
29) A LENTOWICH sc vs T MARSH van WHL - marsh scores with big punches
30) A SECCRD bos vs D HUTCHISON tor NHL - rookie secord trades nasty uppercuts/rights
31) D KORDIC her vs K McCLELLAND roc AHL - kordic drops em after short exchange
32) S PARKER her vs C WHITE alb AHL - white surprises parker with a right to end it
33) C COXE van vs J PATERSON la NHL - lengthy slugfest from 86-87
34) D VIAL ott vs S QUINTAL mtl NHL - long even exchange leaves both spent
35) B TRUDELL gue vs B PRUST ldn OHL - prust lands lotsa rights and uppercuts in this one
36) D KORDIC nyi vs S WEBB nyi NHL - webb is feisty, but overpowered by kordic
37) S PARKER her vs D BONVIE wbs AHL - parker lands a big right to finish it
38) J REICH bos vs A MAIR buf NHL - both land some big lefts in a wild one
39) C ORR prv vs J GRATTON phi AHL - lots of punches in this marathon from 04/05
40) S PEAT was vs J ODGERS atl NHL - even start, peaty takes over at the end
41) DJ SMITH stj vs P VANDERMEER phi AHL - smith lands a knockout punch to vandy
42) S McCARTHY cgy vs B THOMPSON la NHL - good toe-to-toe, sandy finishes it
43) J ODGERS col vs R RAY buf NHL - brief encounter with both landing the rights
44) D KACZOWKA sea vs M FRITZ kel WHL - even scrap ends abruptly with a fritz right
45) B SEVERYN nyi vs D VIAL ott NHL - good exchange, shirtless severyn with the edge
46) K CHASE hfd vs S LEFEBRVE que NHL - chase with the KO left
47) T MOHAGEN sea vs S PARKER kel WHL - one and done for parker, one punch KO
48) B SHANAHAN det vs D HATCHER dal NHL - their second bout, 2 warriors trade em
49) G POTULNY bng vs B EAGER phi AHL - short, wild bout with eager getting the TKO
50) P MARA bos vs M RICHARDS phi NHL - nice bout right off the draw
51) PHILADELPHIA vs ATLANTA bench clearing brawl NHL - a broad street bullies classic
52) WINDSOR vs OWEN SOUND line brawl OHL - the jeff kugel incident
53) B WOLF pit vs J WENSINK nj NHL - an aging wensink still has teeth, and pulls hair
54) JC TREMBLAY roa vs J BOULERICE tnt ECHL - both trade rights, edge boulerice
55) S CHURLA min vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - a slugfest, trading both rights and lefts
56) E NEILSON rim vs J TREMBLAY ab QMJHL - a marathon bout with tons of punches
57) P BAXTER pit vs B WILSON phi NHL - uppercut city for wilson, dominates baxter
58) MANCHESTER vs SHEFFIELD brawl BISL - absolute mayhem, metcalfe leaves p/ box
59) J GRATTON phx vs D HORDICHUK nas NHL - gratton comes back after being down
60) S PARSONS prv vs R FLINN man AHL - two heavyweights slug it out
61) M SIKLENKA phi vs G MORGAN uta AHL - morgan trades shots with bigger siklenka
62) A SUTTON sj vs R SIMPSON chi NHL - long bout with lots of big rights
63) R VANDENBUSSCHE chi vs K OLIWA nj NHL - vandy hangs some big lefts on oliwa
64) B WITT was vs D KORDIC phi NHL - a classic slugfest
65) R McKAY nj vs S GRIMSON hfd NHL - the reaper dominates in this one
66) J BEUKEBOOM ns vs J MILLER mnc AHL - jeff unleashes a series of rights to edge jay
67) M FERNER roc vs S MARTINSON adi AHL - steve picks a fight in street clothes
68) R CHERNOMAZ slc vs P BROTEN den IHL - chernomaz blasts broten with uppercuts
69) C LESCYSCHYN min vs D DRAKE stl NHL - toe to toe with two veterans
70) B PROBERT det vs T CROWDER nj NHL - bout upon which troys legend was born
71) G ROYER sai vs R SCOTT hfd AHL - a spirited go, scott with lefts, royer with rights
72) JL GRAND-PIERRE was vs J VANDERMEER chi NHL - another vandy marathon
73) OTTAWA vs BUFFALO brawl NHL - goalies,petey and the coaches go at it
74) D WOOD alb vs JL GRAND-PIERRE roc AHL - dody and jean luc exchange rights
75) M TINORDI min vs W CLARK tor NHL - a real ten beller, clark ailing but willing
76) W PLETT bos vs B SHANAHAN nj NHL - old dog vs young lion in this playoff slugfest
77) L BYERS bos vs C BERUBE phi NHL - bloody craig done in by lethal right uppercuts
78) R JORDE tc vs C ORR kam WHL - a center ice wild west heavyweight showdown
79) D PINFOLD syr vs BJ YOUNG adi AHL - pinfold really goes to work and draws blood
80) S WEBB nyi vs R SIMPSON nj NHL - a real free swinging affair with edge to reid
81) J CUMMINS chi vs M JANSSENS ana NHL - lefts for mark, rights for jim, a throwfest
82) F LEROUX col vs S McCARTHY cgy NHL - two heavies go at it for real, sandy prevails
83) J VANDERMEER phi vs F LEROUX wbs AHL - an end of period toe-to-toe
84) D MAXWELL car vs C BAILEY LDN BISL - maxwell lands some heavy rights
85) D GRAHAM min vs S THOMAS tor NHL - a brief wild scrap, lots of good rights
86) B SALVADOR wor vs T RYAN frd AHL - solid tilt with both scoring big punches
87) B HALKIDIS buf vs R SUTTER phi NHL - wild bout, both players have the windmill going
88) A PETERS buf vs B McGRATTAN ott NHL - the grudge match, both score big rights
89) M ANGELSTAD mic vs K FREADRICH det IHL - the rematch, freddy in a walk
90) W BELAK sas vs D PURINTON tac WHL - wade lays a serious beating down
91) P FERONE sea vs A SMITH kel WHL - a wild exchange to start, ferone takes over
92) R STERN cgy vs D McCARTY det NHL - a festival of quick lefts by both
93) D McCARTY det vs C RUSSELL chi NHL - a beating for russell in 3 parts
94) M SGROI lex vs T ETTINGER day ECHL - a punchers delight, both heavies go to town
95) D LANGDON nyr vs M McSORLEY la NHL - rookie langdon looks to make his mark
96) R THOMPSON cgy vs S GRIMSON ana NHL - rocky gives the reaper a nice mouse
97) B McGRATTAN bng vs D KOCI wbs AHL - mcgrattan puts him down with big right
98) M JANSSENS hfd vs C TAMER pit NHL - a great bout, janssens gets bloody nose
99) A BELZA peo vs J VAN PARYS lex ECHL - long bout, round and round they go
100) B HUGHES bos vs M O’CONNOR ana NHL - short and eventful in front of the net
101) J YABLONSKI wor vs M SGROI uta AHL - both heavies get the pistons going
102) J HAMILTON br vs EJ MANDO tnt ECHL - a 1:30 battle of attrition
103) S THORNTON edm vs G DIDUCK van NHL - a series of huge rights by both
104) C RUSSELL chi vs N WILKINSON wpg NHL - a wilkinson left starts a good toe-to-toe
105) CHURLA,SEMENKO hfd vs MAGUIRE,JOHNSON tor NHL - bout one an instant classic
106) G McNEIL pa vs R JORDE tc WHL - bad sound, lots of huge lefts in this one
107) S McCARTHY cgy vs J McKENZIE hfd NHL - back and forth, more big lefts
108) P BROWN kam vs R CUTHBERT kel WHL - lots of punches in this high energy bout
109) P CROWE la vs P KRUSE cgy NHL - an intense battle, real close in camera work
110) T VOLHOFFER fli vs S WHEELDON den IHL - simon dominates in this one
111) K KING tor vs T SIMPSON cgy NHL - its not good to be the king as simpson nails him
112) B SUGDEN syr vs R RAY bng AHL - a free swinging bout between sugar and razor
113) J WIEMER fla vs E BOULTON buf NHL - big ko for boulton
114) N BRADY ott vs M POTVIN la NHL - a real duke fest, potvin comes up big
115) D VIAL ott vs P CROWE phi NHL - phil and a shirtless vial rain down the lefts
116) K McRAE adi vs D VIAL bng AHL - vial lands big punches w/ kris in the spin cycle
117) B SUGDEN syr vs R JORDE roc AHL - some huge punches in this one, edge sugden
118) I MORAN pit vs D HENDRICKSON tor NHL - a plethora of punches by both men
119) D BAUM tor vs K NEWBURY stj AHL - lots of wild punches in this middleweight bout
120) J SPROTT bs vs J CORNISH lar CHL - the old dog still has some bit, decision sprott
121) D KIMBLE chi vs R POESCHEK tb NHL - rudy and darin trade them big time
122) J WELLS nyr vs B MAY buf NHL - the rematch, jay comes back from a KO, “get out the advil”

a visual history of hockey violence part IV

Intro - Come On, Hit Me....
1) C MURRAY mtl vs j CUMMINS chi NHL - the rematch of a home and home
2) D HORDICHUK sas vs M SOMMERFELD sc WHL - haymaker time, edge darcy
3) A STOJANOV pit vs M JANSSENS hfd NHL - alex with the edge w/ the big lefts
4) R VANDENBUSSCHE nyr vs S GRIMSON hfd NHL - ryan destroyed by 7 huge lefts
5) M SCOTT ark vs D SHIRAYEV lsa ECHL - scott eats some early, then drops shirayev
6) E CICCONE chi vs J PUSHOR det NHL - bombs away and lights out for pushor
7) USSR vs CANADA bench clearing brawl WJC - maybe the bench clearer of all time
8) R CLOWE sj vs J VANDERMEER chi NHL - long bout big on the lefts
9) WINSTON SALEM vs HUNSTVILLE line brawl SPHL - lots of mayhem at the WS bench
10) C BERUBE was vs P LAUS fla NHL - maybe the best single right uppercut of all time
11) B COALTER fla vs K McKAY cha ECHL - a wild marathon slugfest
12) D DOULL bos vs D LANGDON mtl NHL - lots of punches in this one
13) M COMRIE edm vs D BRIERE phx NHL - a couple of mighty mites put on a show
14) S PEAT was vs C McALLISTER phi NHL - mcallister dishes out some serious pain
15) D BONVIE bng vs E GODARD brg AHL - a serious center ice toe to toe
16) M BARON mtl vs T MALLETTE bos NHL - one blast leaves murray down and bleeding
17) D PINFOLD tac vs J YABLONSKI ida WCHL - a one shot knockdown for jeremy
18) BINGHAMTON vs PHILADELPHIA line brawl AHL - neil little goes airborne to join in
19) B McRAE min vs D KIMBLE que NHL - a lenghty punchfest
20) M STOESZ spo vs M KASSIAN van WHL - kassian busts open stoesz’s helmet, wow
21) E CAIRNS nyr vs C BERUBE was NHL - berube exposes early career weak chin
22) L BEDARD lav vs M BRAULT pr QSPHL - a lenghty marathon between old warriors
23) K BUCHBERGER edm vs G MARSHALL dal NHL - kelly down but back up for more
24) R LOW stl vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - an even slugfest with leaves pj with bloody nose
25) D VIAL she vs M WARE car BISL - dennis puts em down twice in nice exchange
26) J ODGERS col vs J CUMMINS phx NHL - jeff with the upper hand in this one
27) N COWAN lew vs B PICHE vd QMJHL - these guys are tossin em for real at center
28) D PURINTON nyr vs J CUMMINS nyi NHL - jim has the advantage in this punch up
29) BURNABY vs LANGLEY line brawl BCJHL - 5 on 5 melee with goalies up front
30) B PROBERT det vs L GAETZ sj NHL - the champ gets tested by a young, hungry link
31) D JOHNSON col vs T RYAN ida WCHL - ryan uses quick hands to put down johnson
32) E CAIRNS nyi vs S PEAT was NHL - cairns uses uppercut and overhand to end it
33) B SCHEFFELMEIER stl vs J YABLONSKI stl NHL - great toe to toe from blues camp
34) T WILLIS lb vs J LANDRY fre WCHL - a lengthy middleweight slugfest
35) S THOMAS nyi vs P TAGLIANETTI pit NHL - a big exchange in the corner
36) J HOCKING stj vs S McLAREN phi AHL - a lengthy bout with a lot of big punches
37) T WILLIS aug vs D TARABRIN jhn ECHL - a vicious center ice slugfest
38) M BARNABY pit vs D HORDICHUK atl NHL - their first of 3 go’s, big edge hordi
39) S WEBB nyi vs K OLIWA nj NHL - webb holds his own in this haymaker fest
40) S LANIGAN reg vs B LEAVINS brn WHL - brief scrap with some big punches
41) R POESCHEK tb vs M TINORDI dal NHL - they trade em until tinordi drops rudy
42) M HALEY tsm vs K THOMSON osh OHL - a wild affair with haley drawing blood
43) W CLARK tor vs J KORDIC mtl NHL - wendel game for overmatched by kordic
44) F LESSARD atl vs S PARKER col NHL - these two trade some huge punches
45) C LIPUMA atl vs T HALVERSON sd IHL - halverson dominates in this punchfest
46) M BARNABY buf vs K MULLER tor NHL - after slow start,matt feeds some rights
47) J BOULERICE car vs A DOWNEY dal NHL - a huge lights out left by downey
48) R VANDENBUSSCHE chi vs J VANDERMEER phi NHL - these two always toe-to-toe
49) L BEDARD new vs D DOUL man BISL - in front of the net louie lands some big ones
50) T WILLIS lb vs A LANGDONE sd WCHL - 2nd go, always a slugfest between these 2
51) J McKENZIE pit vs S McCARTHY cgy NHL - big lefts off draw, sandy with the edge
52) I FRASER cd vs R ALLAIN mne AHL - even exchange of big rights
53) K KING nyr vs M McSORLEY la NHL - mcsorley quanitity, king quality, marty cut
54) M JANSSENS chi vs P COTE nas NHL - at center ice, mark with big left uppercuts
55) B MAY buf vs C TAMER pit NHL - some huge punches to start this donnybrook off
56) J BADDUKE syr vs F BIALOWAS prt AHL - a slugfest and then a high five
57) HERSHEY vs SYRACUSE line brawl AHL - 5 separate bouts including goalies
58) R SIMPSON pa vs M FUSTER sea WHL - reid eats some big ones but stays with it
59) D MALKOC van vs K BAUMGARTNER tor NHL - timberrr courtesy of a bomber left
60) K McCLELLAND edm vs P BAXTER cgy NHL - one of many mid eighties wars
61) T GRANT phi vs G DESBIENS chi AHL - grant gets off some big lefts and uppercuts
62) E DANDENAULT cin vs M ANGELSTAD orl IHL - eric has mel hurt but he recovers
63) D VIAL ott vs B MAY buf NHL - one look and they’re off in this short spirited go
64) BILLINGS vs NEW WESTMINSTER bench clearing brawl WHL - as nasty as it gets
65) G ROBERTS cgy vs G BUTCHER van NHL - roberts scores with some good lefts
66) S BALAN reg vs T HORNUNG sc WHL - hornung lands early and often w/ the right
67) I LAPERRIERE la vs B MARCHMENT col NHL - bryan switches hands, dumps lappy
68) D CHYNOWETH bos vs N KYPREOS tor NHL - dean gains edge with uppercut lefts
69) S PARKER sj vs J BOULERICE car NHL - boulerice with the edge in this one
70) M FRITZ kel vs M VARHAUG lth WHL - a typical wild west slugfest
71) K MacDONALD roa vs J SULLIVAN jhn ECHL - tradin em until sully puts him down\
72) F LESSARD atl vs E GODARD nyi NHL - another rock em sock em robots affair
73) S GRIMSON chi vs D VIAL det NHL - both players got the right pistons going
74) C RUSSELL chi vs B MARCHMENT edm NHL - great exchange leaves both bruised
75) J ODGERS atl vs J BOULERICE car NHL - pre-season bout, jeffs down, jesse bloody
76) K McCAMBRIDGE sc vs B SYMES prt WHL - feeding each other rights big time
77) T CAIRNS tac vs B DUNCAN sea WHL - duncan lays down a serious beating
78) B PROBERT det vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - probert wins in a dominant performance
78) CARTER,CUMMINS mst vs PARKER,REDSHAW wm CCHA - cummins give beatdown
79) R VANDENBUSSCHE wbs vs R COTE phi AHL - playoff bout, throwin em off faceoff
80) TORONTO vs NY RANGERS bench clearing brawl NHL - brawl #2 from ‘71 playoffs
81) M BARNABY pit vs D TUCKER tor NHL - 2 pitbulls in a lenghty exchange
82) J BRUBAKER tor vs D RICHTER min NHL - big dave makes jeff eat a bunch of lefts
83) F MORRIS mnc vs R RAY buf AHL - before the draw, ray machine guns the rights
84) PL LEBLOND ab vs B TIDBALL que QMJHL - two big guys go toe-to-toe
85) E GODARD nyi vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - little big man show his stuff again
86) P LAUS fla vs C STEWART bos NHL - laus lays down an old fashioned ass whippin’
87) S CHURLA hfd vs J MILLER bos NHL - fantastic bout, “jay miller just wants to play”
88) K McCLELLAND edm vs G COCHRANE van NHL - windmill time in this throwfest
89) D KIMBLE que vs M LAFORGE hfd NHL - some big kimble rights open laforge up big
90) E LANDRY cb vs J RIVERS wor AHL - a good battle with edge to landry
91) BELZA,DELMAO roa vs SPENCE, TARABRIN jhn ECHL - a pair of home side wins
92) P BOUCHARD mtl vs S JONATHAN bos NHL - toe to toe turns bloodbath
93) T CROWDER nj vs C COXE van NHL - troy gives a one sides beatdown
94) Y CARPENTIER kal vs E LABELLE rck UHL - nice scrap covers two zones
95) J LATOS prt vs L GAETZ nw WHL - slugfest in the corner
96) T TWIST sas vs S DANIELS nw WHL - two future NHL’ers go toe-to-toe
97) J FERGUSON mtl vs K DOUGLAS tor NHL - both throw big ones in a crowd
98) A SIMMONS bos vs M TREMBLAY mtl NHL - mario lands some heavy shots
99) QUEBEC vs SHERBROOKE bench clearing brawl QMJHL - all out mayhem
100) PORTLAND vs SEATTLE line brawl WHL - from the early nineties, never-ending
101) D VIAL ott vs R RAY buf NHL - they go toe-to-toe as ray mugs for the crowd
102) G DIDUCK nyi vs R POESCHEK nyr NHL - poeschek takes the edge in this one
103) R DIMAIO nyi vs S LEACH bos NHL - predictable result for leach, dimaio scrappy
104) C McALLISTER phi vs K BRENNAN la NHL - kips 2nd bout of game, gains upper hand
105) J ODGERS atl vs D HORDICHUK phx NHL - the pupil schools the teacher
106) J LANDRY tc vs C OLYNIUK sea WHL - nice exchange of big rights
107) N MARACH koo vs P HURD sea WHL - both guys throwing rights big time
108) W CASHMAN bos vs J SCHOENFELD buf NHL - thru the zamboni entrance bout
109) D KENNEDY nyr vs M KEANE mtl NHL - keane again game and bloodies the nose
110) B MAY buf vs R PEARSON was NHL - may dishes out some capital punishment
111) M ROBERGE rdl vs WHITE #27 Republican League - an absolute all out slugfest
from the wilds of Quebec senior hockey
We're clutching at straws, but still drowning
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