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My only problem is that she didnt seem to be able to stay on key at times. Not bad though.
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iwrestledabearonce - tastes like kevin bacon -...
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The judge with the glasses cracks me up.

At 0:54 when the chick breaks into a full fledged ROOOOOOOOAAAAR!, dude is like, "Alright, I think Ive heard enough."
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The judge who gave her the X needs to face facts - like it or not, hes out of touch, theres a market for this music and shes a goldmine because of her looks and this gimmick.
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Check out a group called Vanilla Cage. Hot foreign chicks that sing hard rock-metal. Google images or youtube to see some videos.
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In This Moment is just standard rock/metal...but Maria Brink is one fine piece of ass. She can sing and scream pretty damn well, too.

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Same girl (Rachel) has been in a video with Kerion
Kerion - Fireblast feat Rachel - YouTube

If you like metal bands with female leads you should check out The Agonist,

Fronted by Alissa White-Gluz

A successful singer that was a Canadian Idol contestant, and also on MTV's Made, teaching a high school girl to do "vocal fry" aka the metal growl.

Here is a sample:
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she certainly doesn't look the part but dam does she sound it.
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