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Ciccarelli 10-12-2012 06:10 AM

Your biggest sports achievement(s)?
Re-reading an old thread it brought me to this question:

What was your biggest personal sports achievement(s)? Tell us what you think was your biggest achievement(s) ever, from scoring a hattrick in a hockey game, running a marathon, playing darts for 24 hours straight, winning a scholarship championship or a tennis match, doing a 360 on skis or a bmx or benchpressing 300 pounds...whatever you think was your biggest achievement(s).

I'll start with my top 5:
- 2nd in a ski race (giant slalom) when I was 8 years old
- 3rd in the regional cross country championship run when I was 13 years old
- finishing a streetcycling marathon (255 km 5500 metres in height) when I was 19 years old
- climbing over 100 alpine peaks (2 4000+m peaks and about 40-50 3000+m peaks)
- 22nd overall in the regional uphill streetcycling championship this summer

bustoff 10-12-2012 06:32 AM

Scoring a hatrick after breaking my knee cap in a roller hockey game when I was 18. I'm paying for it now.

skacore 10-12-2012 07:12 AM

As a team I think winning back-to-back high school championships, rep hockey was more competitive but there's just something about playing in front of a couple hundred of your fellow classmates.

Individually I think it would be my shotput gold medals in grade 9 and grade 10 at the GTA track meets.

antonio106 10-12-2012 04:03 PM

I've won a few squash tournaments, and I was on the varsity high school badminton team!

When I was 6, I was voted player of the year for my novice house league hockey, but I think that's based on the attitude of the kids at that age, moreso than any skill level, hahaha. My name's still on a trophy at the local rink, though. :)

thekidd21 10-12-2012 04:47 PM

Been a Professional Dodgeball player for 3 years now and our team is considered the best on the East Coast.

PilotsFan 10-12-2012 08:39 PM

Played single A baseball for 8 months and was called up to double AA for two weeks at which time I realized it was time to move on, I wasnt going past double AA at best. At 18 yrs old I was 5'7"- 145....just a shrimp.

Competed in the world table tennis championships twice and out of 23,000 players was ranked as good as 127 in the world (2nd time) at one point. Quit playing when I was 28.

Played softball for the US Air Force for about 4 years, travelled all over the US just playing slow pitch softball USSSA "B" division. In 1987 our team got to play the King and His Court, what an honor. Sombitch struck me out on four pitches------ha ha from second base!! They beat us really bad, something like 13 to 0 or something crazy.

One that's not my achievment but I benifited. While stationed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico one of the Capt's I played golf with made the qualifier to play for the regional mid-am championships and he asked me to caddy for him. We had a blast, he didnt win or even come close but man what an experiance.

NJDevils17 10-12-2012 09:40 PM

I won some swimming race as a kid in my swimming lessons, and my winning the race allowed me to move up to the next swimming lesson level.

One year where I played town league basketball (pretty sure it was 5th grade) we won the championship. That was neat.

I scored a hat trick once in roller hockey. That was pretty neat since I usually never played forward in my 8 or 9 years of playing (I started playing center towards my last few years because I was good at face-offs). It didn't hurt that the kid setting up those goals was easily the best player in the entire league. The dude had the power of Chara, the accuracy of Stamkos, and the passing of Oates for that league.

But what I'm most proud of is winning a roller hockey game as goalie in 6th grade. Our team was horrendous that year and it was the only game we won. I only let in 3 goals (which was good since a lot of the games were high scoring like 8-6 or stuff like that).

Churla22 10-12-2012 10:50 PM

Would have to be showing up to playground late with my dodgeball team down 13 guys to 3, and single-handedly taking out all 13 guys. Tough when your greatest sporting accomplishment occurs in the 5th grade. ;)

BROKEN*ORBITAL 10-12-2012 11:14 PM

1. No hitter in Midget A baseball. Games were 7 innings. I struck out 15 of the 21 batters I retired.

2. My team winnning the league championship the following season. Only championship I've won in my "sporting career."

3. Winning the batting title that same season. I batted leadoff. .680 batting average.

4. Winning the best defenseman in the league award in my first season of ball hockey. Definately surprising considering how I play (Bryan Marchment mixed with Craig Ludwig).

5. Four strikeouts in one inning in a Midget AA game that I was called up for. Catcher couldn't handle the curveball.

antonio106 10-13-2012 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by PilotsFan (Post 2518574)
Competed in the world table tennis championships twice and out of 23,000 players was ranked as good as 127 in the world (2nd time) at one point. Quit playing when I was 28.

That's really cool man! Why did you stop playing?

I wanted to compete in a racketlon event in Ottawa this past summer, but I screwed up something in my wrist pretty badly, so that put my plans on hold. Buddy of mine from badminton/squash coaches the Olympic ping pong team here in town, invited me to a drop-in Saturday once. Holy **** that game is frustrating! My general racket skills were NOT helping me one ounce to keep it on the table. Had no idea it was so much of a full body motion to hit the ball.

Do you hold it normal style, or that pong pen hold thing the old Asian dudes do? That looks so much more badass, IMO. :D

thruby 10-13-2012 04:12 PM

i caught a TD and picked off a pass in one game of my one year of football (7th grade).

hit two homers in a game junior year.

almost made a hole in one once an shot 2 over another time.

i lived in a town of about 1,500. didn't have a hockey team and we had an ice rink that never even got flooded. my senior year, i decided we were starting a league. got four teams together (two 6 man teams, two 7 man teams). anyway, we flooded the rink the night before our opener and it was only like 45 degrees out, so the ice was completely garbage, but about 100 people showed up, so we played anyway. the other team had a kid who was about 250 on it, so he got to wear his boots instead. hahahaha. it didn't really matter because it was like playing on frozen grass anyway. you couldn't actually skate at all.

anyway, giving a speech to the hundred or so people who showed up right before we had the national anthem played was my best moment. just an absolutely crazy experience. over the "season", we played to some pretty good crowds and for the championship, we rented the Ralph Englestad Arena (where the UND Fighting Sioux play) and the whole town showed up. that would be my highlight, but my then every parent was so far up my ass about helmets and slapshots that i was just happy to be done.

took third in my own ****ing league though! our goalie was god awful. we were down 2 in the third. scored the tying and winner, if i recall. have the video somewhere. there's no ****ing way that is getting posted. hahahaha.

acdcrocksno1 10-15-2012 02:30 AM

Captioned our school team to what you guys would call regional championships 3 of the 7 years at school.

Used to be pretty big into my cross country and did a few triathlons as well but I was never good enough at swimming to carry them on.

Also played a rugby game at Twickenham was a national final we'd got to but we lost on the day

theknuckler 10-15-2012 06:32 PM

making the varsity hockey team in grade 7 was interesting. grade 12's hated me, though i dunno why. They mental bullied me big time ;). Funny thing was I scored 2 goals my first game so they couldn't bitch about it. Then the grade 12's parents tried to get the coach fired because they thought it was unfair I was playing more than them. whiny bunch of -----.

I also once came one strike away from a perfect game in bowling. I have no idea how because I am f-ing terrible but that day... something happened and I was on a roll. The next time I barely broke 100.

mckendo83 11-01-2012 04:36 PM


1) baseball Walkoff inside the park home run my last year of little league that was the best feeling crossing home after having to run full speed around the bases to my entire team running out to 'attack' me
2) baseball winning the 14 year old division championship (90 foot bases)
3) Ice Hockey Scoring 2 goals in a playoff game when i was in 8th grade
4) Ice Hockey Going undefeated my senior year of highschool only to lose the championship, it was still an undefeated regular season
5) Basketball - 8th grade i was not a starter but most of our games were played in front of the parents of both teams...except homecoming. In front of our whole school I drained back to back 3 pointers, 2 shots i had no business taking. Everyone in school thought I was better than I really was after that haha...


I only play ice hockey i'll have to say

1) Finally winning my first mens league championship in 2010 for the team i started from scratch back in 2007
2) Winning a Silver Medal at the 2010/2011 Montreal CAN/AM tournament and 3) Scoring a goal in that tournament, awesome to be able to say i not only
played in montreal but scored
3) Winning my 2nd mens league championship in 2011 for my team i started back in 2007
4) Scoring 2 goals in the championship game in 2010

Killah_punk 11-01-2012 05:28 PM

Finished 2nd on my team in penalty minutes in Bantam hockey. This was done as the teams goaltender too. I also led (tied at 1) my team with fighting majors.

Won Most improved player in Bantam baseball. Was also the only person on the team who never played Peewee (12-13 yrs) level.

In Grade 10 Won my High School wrestling tournament at 63kg/139lbs.

Wrestled with Gary Goodridge (Former UFC/Pride MMA fighter).

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