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Down on the ice Beat downs!

Two guys are having at it. Finally after a long struggle, one guy takes over and puts the other guy on his back, down on the ice.

The fight is over right? Wrong.

Sensing an immediate advantage before the Refs step in, its time to FIRE AWAY at your victim!

How many times have you seen this happen after a hockey fight?

What are some of the best examples of this action?

Let me start with one that comes to mind in a bench clearing brawl between the Boston Bruins Al Secord and the NY Islanders Gordie Lane in the Stanley Cup playoffs. While atop Lane, with Secord clearly having Lane unable to respond, he proceeds to fire away with both lefts and rights as there are no refs there to break them up. Lane is defenseless.

Have you witnessed anything like this? Do tell!
Behn Wilson is the NHL's All-Time BEST PURE FIGHTER, NOT Bob Probert & YES, 98 NHL fights is MORE than enough of a sample size!
Behn Wilson is the ONLY heavyweight fighter to NEVER get a face to face BEATDOWN, get TKO'd, KO'd or BLEED!
From 1978 to 1988, Behn Wilson CONSISTENTLY maintained his top notch fighting level WITHOUT a decline in his NHL career! This is UNMATCHED by his competitors!
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Dave Brown on Jim Kyte
" I would rather have a sister that is a whore than a brother that is a Republican"
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Wendel Clark pounding on Bob Brooke while he's down on the ice and can't defend himself:
Bob Brooke vs Wendel Clark - YouTube

Clark pounds on Randy Velischek after getting a fast start while he's on the ground. The clip doesn't show Clark mounting Velischek and landing a bunch of shots while on top.

Brashear violently beats on Grant Marshall who is down and out on the ice. Vicious shots here:
Donald Brashear Vs Grant Marshall - YouTube

Odjick wails on Buchberger as the Canucks have their big guys out against a less tougher Oilers lineup.
Kelly Buchberger vs Gino Odjick Nov 21, 1992 -...
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"Let's get out of this sh*thole."
Phil Esposito, on Winnipeg, after Team Canada lost game 3 of the 1972 series to the Russians.

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Awesome Fight/ Then Maguire makes a big mistake

Kevin Maguire vs Lyndon Byers - YouTube
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Brashear on the guy in the LNAH
Lucic on Brown
Chara on Ivanans (kind of)
Malette on Baron
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Clark -Brooke

Clark - Barr

Kyte - Brown in WPG..pounds Brown to the ice and keeps pounding him while Brown is down

Brown - Kyte Brown returns the favor..in a much more vicious manner !!

B.Wilson - Hilworth might be example #1 after Hilworth is out on his feet as he crumples Behn hits him with at least 3 clean shots while Hilworth was down(and out).

Brash and that poor guy in the minors.

How about this classic T.Hunter and Kevin Mac fight t2t while BOTH guys are on the ice..one of the funniest fights ever..but when they get up it's all down hill for KM ..Hunter just takes over.
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Hated Brashear for this

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Mother of down on the ice beatdowns
Cloutier pounds the living piss outta Salo

Cloutier vs Salo Goalie Fight - YouTube
You don't cheapshot one of my players like that, it doesn't make any sense. Fight a guy straight up, whoever wins, wins, but at the end of the day respect yourself for being a fair player and a fair fighter.
The Sheriff
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I remember a Leafs and Penguins game 2 seasons ago. Rosehill was running around a bit and lays a hit on Crosby then Martin. Godard being on the ice sees this then when play stops in behind the Pens goal a scrum ensues with Rosie right in the middle. Godard see this and quickly grabs Rosehill and they fight. As Godard gets Rosehill off balance and down on the ice he lands 2 hard lefts. The first looks to almost drive Rosehill's face through the ice. The linemen get in and they get separate the two combatants. Rosehill is cut and leaking a good bit of blood. Great job enforcing by Godard basically sending a message he will not tolerate anyone running his team that night and if they do he's going to wreck some shit.

Also this year in the AHL Macintyre lays a good ass kicking on Clackson continuing to land vicious shots while Clackson was on the ice to send a message. The previous game Clackson dropped the gloves with one of the Pens rookie who isn't a fighter. So MacIntyre decided to teach Clackson a lesson. MacIntyre is one enforcer i would not want to fight when he's pissed off.
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Wensink on Pyrus:

john wensink challenges the minny bench - YouTube

Schulz going after Brad Park:

Dave Schultz vs Brad Park Apr 25, 1974 - YouTube
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McKenzie on Sydor:

Chaos; Jim McKenzie destroys Darryl Sydor -...
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Randy Holt slamming Steve Jensen into the ice. Brutal...
If you can't beat em on the ice, beat em into the ice.
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In the minors, John Wensink of the Rochester Americans nearly killed a guy named Len Cunning in a game in 1973. Apparently, Cunning was already unconscious and Wensink still wouldn't stop punching him. It was so bad that according to one person who witnessed the incident, even the Rochester fans booed Wensink as he left the ice.
If some of the longhairs I see on the ice these days met Sprague Cleghorn, hed shave them to the skull. Jesus, he was mean. If you fell in front of Cleg hed kick your balls off.

Red Dutton, Montreal Maroons
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