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Corey Fulton works his way back from hockey tragedy

Here's an article about Corey Fulton, the "other" player in the Canadian senior league fight which tragically took Don Sanderson's life.

Fulton resumed playing this season, for the single-A Danbury Whalers of the new Federal Hockey League.
He leads the league with 14 fighting majors and 113 PIM's in just 13 games played.

Corey Fulton works his way back from hockey tragedy
Nights would always bring back the images and the demons in his mind. As soon as he closed his eyes, it would happen all over again - the fight, the fall, the feeling something had had gone horribly wrong and he was a reason why.

That part he couldn't get out of his head. It drove him from hockey for an entire season and when he finally came back and fought again, he found himself holding up his rivals so they wouldn't fall because then the demons might return. And Corey Fulton wanted no more of that.

"How are you now?" Fulton is asked on an off-day between games.

"I'm in a happy stage right now," he said evenly. "It's taken me a while to get here."

Almost two years have passed since Fulton's girlfriend told him the worst thing he's ever heard, that 21-year-old Don Sanderson had died in a Hamilton hospital after never regaining consciousness. Fate had matched Fulton and Sanderson in a Major League Hockey Senior A game in Brantford, Ont., goading them into a third-period fight. Then it was misfortune that closed the deal.
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Very good piece on the man we never hear about. I had no idea what his name was, let alone how troubled he was about the fight. In fact, I never wondered about how Fulton must have felt.

Warning to those who read the article though: don't read the comments. They'll only serve to piss you off.
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The comments on that article are sickening.
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Originally Posted by Master416 View Post
The comments on that article are sickening.
yup. what a bunch of cocksucking ******s
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